3. Kiss

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❝ kiss ❞

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❝ kiss ❞

A black tuxedo made him look more handsome than he already was. Jungkook stood there staring himself in the mirror after getting ready for the party. Looking at his own image in the mirror, he sighed again.

There was a party tonight for which he was not interested at all. He ran his fingers through his hair in frustration when he remembered about faking in front of the people at the party.

Someone knocked on the door and the person walked in. "Are you ready?" Mrs. Jeon examined her son from head to toe. "My son looks handsome," she said. He gave her a forced smile.

"That smile will not work in the party, it should look real," she said, crossing her arms.

Jungkook lazily nodded and was about to walk away since he was not interested to continue the conversation when Mrs. Jeon stopped him.

"I want you to kiss her in front of the people in the party," she spoke.

Suddenly, he halted his steps and turned around. He was already boiling in anger after he heard her words.

"WHAT? I'M NOT GOING TO KISS THAT GIRL AGAIN," he shouted at her, making her cover her ears in irritation.

"You will do whatever I ask you to," Mrs. Jeon said, holding herself from shouting at her son.

Jungkook had a girlfriend and kissing someone other than the one you love was not easy. He kissed her that night because his mother asked him to do it in front of her family member.

He denied it at first but he had to agree because he wanted the family business. "I kissed her in front of her dad yesterday." Jungkook sighed.

"And now I want you to do that in front of other people," she said with a straight face. "Why are you even doing this?" Jungkook asked her. The elderly woman smirked.



"You don't have to know more about it." She raised her voice at his son.

And her son waited for her to control her anger before speaking. "I can't believe you're using your own son for your so-called revenge," he said and waited for her expected response.

"Should I remind you that you were the one who accepted my offer? And also why?" she asked, raising her eyebrows and Jungkook sighed. There she goes.

Jungkook himself was the one who accepted her offer about the contract for a year because of his father. His father didn't trust him enough to let him handle the family business, so Mr. Jeon was aiming his first son, Jungkook's elder brother to handle the whole business.

But Jungkook wanted at least half of the business and his mother promised that he would get to handle at least half of the business if he agreed to do what she wanted. For her so-called revenge.

And he agreed because he didn't want to work just like an employee in his own enterprise.

"Do you want to be a bad guy?" she asked suddenly, making him snap out of his thoughts.

"Bad guy?" he asked in confusion.

"The bad guy who divorced his wife for another girl because of course, everyone will think that way." She raised her eyebrows.

"If you don't want to, then fake in front of people until you two will get divorced," she said everything in a single breath.

"So? Will you?" she asked, waiting for him to speak.

"I'll kiss her."


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