1k READS!!

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We did it Wattpad, 1k + views.

Don't worry,I'm already planning the next chapter, but it's important to celebrate milestones.

Also,when I finish(😔)this story,I'll update my other account, awsomealiyyah eventually. But I'm sure that's still quite a while to go until that happens. And again,I couldn't have done it without you guys.

This is my most popular and successful book across my two accounts. And to think,this all happened because a friend challenged me to write a story with the same topic as the last thing I read on this account, which was an Adopted by Matpat and Steph book,thankfully.

And look where it took me. Anyways, thanks for being there,thanks for(hopefully) voting on my story,60+ votes is cool!

I just wanna say

Thank (AHHH reference)

Take it easy guys gals and non-binary pals. PEACE OUT!!

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