1. Loss

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❝ loss ❞

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❝ loss ❞

MARRIAGE for a year and getting divorced after a year was not a joke. Marriage was not a joke at all. Also, Jihae couldn't marry someone who loved someone else.

But she still wasn't able to think straight since the talk she had with Jungkook. The only thing on her mind was, she ain't marrying him.

The whole time she remained silent in the car while her parents were talking about the marriage. The only thing she did was to blankly stare out of the window. And they reached their home.

They exited the and Mr. and Mrs. Yoon walked into the house, leaving Jihae behind, who was still thinking about what happened earlier.

She did stand there for a while staring at the door blankly. She sighed and walked inside. He father about to walk upstairs when she ran to him.

"Dad, I won't marry him." Her words only made her father confused and worried. She gulped and waited for father to respond. "Why?" he asked.

"There is no point of marrying if we will get di–"

"Honey, can you help me with this?" Mrs. Yoon cut her off, making her sigh.

The woman was struggling to open the lid of a water bottle. She handed her husband the bottle and pulled Jihae away after making her father busy with the water bottle lid.

The woman brought her stepdaughter in the corner, away from her father.

"Don't you dare tell about this to your dad." She warned her daughter.

Jihae was confused by her words. She thought her father already knew about the marriage or contract for a year. "Doesn't he know about this?" Jihae asked.

"He only knows about the marriage, not about the one year contract." Mrs. Yoon smirked, playing with her nails.

Not surprised anymore, the whole contract thingy was done by her stepmother. Her father would never do anything like that to his own daughter.

When she found out about the contract, she was shocked thinking her father would do this to her. She was wrong.

"Why do you think I won't tell him? I'm sure he will cancel this marriage if he will know," Jihae said, narrowing her eyes and scanned her step mother's expression.

"Are you sure, sweetie?" Her smirk became eviler.

One thing was clear, her stepmother wouldn't let this happen and she had planned something evil. "You know he has a problem with his heart, right?" the woman asked, pointing at her chest.

"What does that have anything to do with my marriage?" Jihae asked.

"Our company is going on the loss but your dad doesn't know about this, and you know how hard he worked to make the company successful. Your dad will not be able to handle this because of his poor heart," the woman said while smirking.

Jihae was in the trap. She had no idea what to do at this point and she didn't want this fake marriage, but the only parent for her was her father.

"How did it even happen?" Jihae asked her.

"It was your mom's fault and I, your stepmom is going to make everything like before. For that we need help from Jeons, so you decide what you want to do?" she said confidently and walked away, leaving Jihae alone.

She looked at her father from afar and walked to him. He turned to his daughter with a tired smile. "What were you saying, sweetie?" he asked.

"Nothing." She had no option other than to lie.

"I'm tired, goodnight love." Her father kissed her forehead and was about to leave when her step mother's voice stopped him.

"Jungkook wants to go on a date with you tomorrow."


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