Chapter 14

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The worrying mama

Tenten mitsashi p.o.v

I felt myself breathing heavily . So may say I'm over reacting But what if someone kidnapped her.  For her abilities or something.  I knew I shouldn't have took my eye off her to look at neji . Im so stupid , Just a plain baka .

" Hey future me , Calm down we'll find her . " My teen self told me . " So like is that , in daughter. " Younger me blushed as i nodded . " I will find tenji and protect her with my youthful soul from now on . " Metal lee shouted as I smile . He's so adorable I tell you . ( a/n I just thought about it we're switching the ship Its Gaara son and Kiba daughter . And then Tenji×Metal)

" So any information we need to know about her . " Gai sensai asked he was from  the teenagers time . " She hates meeting new people , And she is always hard to find for hide-n-seek but i find her sometimes . " I wiped my eyes and cough . " Alright . future Lee , Teen Tenten , and Young neji Your in a group also Teen lee , young Tenten and Metal your going with me . Future Tenten , Teen neji , and Young Lee group up . " Gai shouted as we grouped up .

" spread out !" He yelled and we quickly took off.  We went to the north part of the forest when I felt something I suddenly stop and closed my eyes 'focus , focus , focused' i say in my mind as I felt something near by.  I ran quickly to it and Saw a food print. I touched it and it still felt warm. " Okay then person was just here . " I turned and told lee and neji they nodded .

" Didn't think Tenten would turn so serious . " I heard P-lee whisper . " yeah . " Neji said as I look down . " You guys probably think i don't hear you . " I stopped and saw they were a tree away . " You are tensed . " T-Neji looked at me with his byakugan on looking around . " Im tensed because if another wars happen I don't know what I'll do . " I rubbed my forehead . " Another." Y-lee said as I felt myself get sad .

" Im not supposed to talk about it until were back with the group" I said as i continue to move . Someone stopped in front of us . He had blonde hair , oh the boy from the akatsuki . I took out my scroll ready for anything . " Im not here for a fight That Evil lady wanted us to group up again . " He crossed his arms as Itachi appeared .

" What about Tenji ." Lee frowned . " We got information . " Itachi Stated making me frown . " Okay." I whispered jumping quickly getting a head-start . I appeared and dirt rose from my feet as I stomped on the ground . " Oh think Kami your here ." Queen was panting like she ran somewhere . " What happened I heard you have info . " I replied .

" I know who captured her . " Queen frowned as her pupils disappeared . " Who ." F-naruto stated . " that bitch Tenori . " She growled as Naruto cracked his knuckles . " No who is this tenori ? " I asked.  " You remember before me and hinata dated and hanabi was kidnap yeah that son of a dog . " Naruto growled as my eyes widen .

" He better not touch my baby.  " I screamed out angry . " I think we plan first . " Shikamaru sighed . " No let me at him . " F-Naruto said . " No this is my child its my fight . " I glared at anything . " Fine . " F-naruto sighed as i frowned .

" You know where he at ? " I questioned as she pointed to the night sky . " AGAIN!!!!" Naruto yelled as him shook her head . " He came from the 16 year old naruto group so he doesn't even know naruto yet . " She frowned . " You think you can help ?" Iruka asked as Queen looked .

" No i have a war of my own." She glared . " W-what ? " T-hinata said .

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