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It was just another day at the club.

After Reigns break up with Toby, she's been trying to find someone new.

Someone better.

"Did you hear about the new dom?" A little asked Reign and she shook her head.

Of course she hadn't.

She was to busy thinking about one that all hers once.

"Guess I'm to hung up on daddy Toby, Gia," She sighed and tugged at her curls.

Suddenly, Gia squealed and pointed to the entrance of the club. "That's him! It's Daddy Austin!" Reign moved her eyes to where Gia was pointing and gasped a little.

Daddy Austin was damn fine and he knew it too. The way he made his way through the group of people.

Is he lost? If so, it didn't seem like it.

Reign wanted so badly for him to wrap his hand around her neck and fuck her like the good little she knows she is.

Austin walked through the club with this sexy ass aura and Reign did nothing but drool.

She just stared. And as if knowing who was boring holes into him, he turned and Austin's dark orbs connected with Reigns shining eyes.

She didn't move.
She didn't close her mouth.
Hell, she almost stopped blinking.
She just gaped.

Austin smiled and pointed at her. "You. Come here," he demanded and it was like her body was on auto pilot—automatically, Reign started to make her way towards him.

It didn't have anything to do with her being submissive.

He was just soo...


When she stopped in front of him, he grabbed her by the neck and she heard Gia squeal.
"You go girl!" Giggles filled the room and Reign blushed.

Oh right, everyone is watching.

"What is your name?" He asked and squeezed her neck a little. This caused a waterfall in her lacy underwear.

Fuck me, she thought when he squeezed her neck again. "Reign," She answered softly and he nodded with a lick of his lips.

"Do you have a dominant?" His voice was sooo sexy. It boomed as he looked into her eyes.

So intense.

"N-,"  Reign was cut off by Daddy Toby.

"Yes, she does," Austin looked at Toby and smirked, releasing Reign's neck.

Reign looked at Toby in shock. Everyone one in the room did.

Everyone but Austin.

"Why does she look confused then? Where's her collar?" Austin questioned.

"Oh! Well that's because Daddy Toby disclaimed Baby Reign like two months ago!" Gia blurted and her Dom spanked her. "Don't be a bad girl, baby. Speak when spoken too," He whispered to her and she nodded with a blush coating her cheeks.

As Austin threw more questions at Toby, Reign stood there confused as ever.

Should she take Toby back and forget about Austin? Daddy Toby really hurt her and put his hands on her and who's to say he won't do it again? At the same time, they have history and she really is in love with him.

Or should she be more open minded and let Austin be her Dom? She just met him and yet, the littlest command had her kitty dripping.

She bit her lip as she considered going with Toby's flow.

"Yes, he's my daddy," Reign spoke up and Austin turned to her with a tight smile. "I'll see you around, babygirl." He said and walked away.

"Ouuu he bold," Gia stated loudly and was picked up by her Dom. "Let's talk," He whispered to her and she pouted. "I'll be a good girl, daddy! Pinky promise!" Gia whined.

She was getting herself into deep shit. On purpose.

"Free Gia till it's backwards," Reign said and giggled. Feelings hands on her waist, she turned and looked up at Toby.

She bit down on her lip to keep from smiling.

"Is your nose doing okay," Toby softly asked her and her eyes widened in alarm. "I have to go check on it!" She scurried away to find the bathroom and when she did, she took out her small med kit.

After applying her prescribed cream and taking pain killers, she put a thin red band-aid over her nose.

She paid no mind to the door opening as she put all her stuff away.

Looking up, she screamed a little when she saw Daddy Austin standing there.

"Daddy Austin, hey," she laughed nervously and he grabbed her by the waist.

"I don't care that you have a daddy, Reign," Was all he said. "But you have to respect the fact I have a Dom, Daddy," Reign whispered and Austin nodded. "Yeah but I have no respect for a man who hits his little,"


"Shut up," Austin silenced her, grabbing her jaw and lightly kissing her. "I'm gonna have you, Reign. Either he's gonna fuck up or I'm gonna get tired seeing you with him," he kissed her again and left the bathroom.

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