Chapter 1: (Part 6) Rise of the Fallen

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The world went dark for quite some time, and the feeling as though they were heading off to heaven or hell was all they could think of in their state. They woke up one morning, with the sounds of horses sniffing their faces, and the spit dripping on their foreheads.

"Ugh. What happened?" Theodren moaned while touching his forehead, pushing the horse away from him in a friendly yet confused manner.

Zoran got up, looked around, but all he saw was wilderness. His brother spoke, Zoran looked to him.

"We still have our supplies."

"Yeah, but we lost a few of our men. The girl's all that's left...." Carrion admitted, feeling guilty. He didn't really know the others well enough to cry over, though he was still terrified at the thought the same could've happened to him.

The elf girl touched her wound.

"Ow." She whined innocently, almost like the sound of a begging pup.

Theodren ran up to her right after, Carrion looked down at her as she sat in pain, starting to worry if the pain would never heal; completely ignoring his own injury. Theodren felt the blood rush over his skin, watching it drip from her pale arm onto his large hand, turning it bright red, yet filled with a mysterious dark color. The texture of it could only be described as that of oil dipped in the blood of a long decayed game. Their faces were emotionless, although she seemed to be holding in her pain. He ripped the sleeves of his shirt, binding her wound in a smooth knot (though it could only hold back the wound for so long).

"She doesn't have much time." Zoran stood while looking to the surrounding field, everyone looked at him.

"You think?" Theodren muttered under his breath.

Zoran ran to his horse, grabbing onto its lead, guiding the horse with his left hand. With his other hand, he tossed the remaining supplies that were scattered along the floor, into a tight bundle, attaching it to the saddle in a rather quick movement. He climbed up the horse, aiming in multiple directions in a search from the unfamiliar terrain around him. He was searching for life, a road, a shelter, anything that could help them.

"No-no-no! This is all wrong! We can't be this far from home. We need a way to cure her!" Carrion spoke anxiously, feeling the pain from his injury and began to react to it after.

"There!" Zoran spoke with a carried voice, they quickly looked at him again. He got off his horse, walking back again and grabbed at her waist. She was unconscious, resting peacefully on Theodren's sturdy lap. Theodren just kept looking at her with that same empty expression.

"Don't just stare! Help." Zoran persisted.

Theodren grabbed her legs and lifted them up while Zoran carried her from her back. They placed her on top of her horse, body completely out of energy.

"She can't ride alone, Theodren."

"And what exactly do you expect me to do?"

They all stared at him, as if he already expected it.

"Rrr...fine! But don't get any ideas...." He held his anger.

He quickly jumped on the horse, her body was resting in front of his.

It was strange.... Far into the wilderness the village seemed so close...but it wasn't a village. Their horses kept galloping and galloping, it started getting tedious....

After a half hour had passed, her eyes opened, hardly even moving her head. She gently looked to his hands: scars, burns, stab wounds. There was no doubt in a single person's mind that he was a man of valor.

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