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And now you've read Quarantine.

I hope you enjoyed it. I actually really enjoyed writing that one. For the most part, I don't like or am ambivalent towards how my work turns out, but Quarantine had some of my favorite ideas in it. Namely, the: You've been hallucinating the whole time! thing.

Quarantine is kind of weird, because originally it was meant to be a novella that took place between Books 7 and 8. Evidenced by the fact that it goes back to just one protagonist and it wasn't very long.

I realized that I had made a mistake eventually and it should have just been recognized as its own book, which is what I have done here, since it's pretty important to Allan's character and does technically feed into the overall plot.

One of the things I wanted to do going into this one was put more emphasis on melee combat. I wanted something more brutal that got away from shooting. I also obviously wanted that mind-fuckery, but wanted to take it a little deeper. I hope I did a decent job with the obvious stuff, and the hopefully less obvious stuff.

And that part at the end where Allan goes into his own mind is something I'd wanted to write about for a long time.

Up next is Rogue Ops Rising.

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