Chapter #10: The Conclusion

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You charged up to Bakugou for the last time

But as you were running you thought to yourself 'please be right about this'

You ran up to him and Mumble to yourself

(Y/N): Hot Water in a bucket 2017

As you said that hot water in a metal bucket appeared in your hand

'Amazing' you thought to yourself

You run to Bakugou and through the hot water at his face

You looked up to see the now screaming Bakugou

(Y/N): I'm going to embarrass you here

Bakugou: and how are you going to do that

He said getting up

(Y/N): This

You say while an egg appears out of nowhere into your hands

(You know where this is going)


ou threw it at his face as hard as you could

Bakugou: Pissed off caught the egg but forgot they crack open

And got her all over his hand

Bakugou: Where did you even get that

As he realizes that all this time you've been doing things that a quirkless couldn't do

Bakugou: You Had a Quirk all this time!

(Y/N): Yep

You said with a blank face

Bakugou: Was it fun tricking me!

(Y/N): Yeah It was pretty satisfying

He ran at you

(Y/N): Wow not a smart idea

You got up

(Y/N): Now that you know the truth I won't be playing around anymore
You summoned a full sized golden armor on your body

You ran to bakugou and stabbed his grenade gauntlets

You backed up before it blew up but noticed it cause damage to Bakugou

(Y/N): I'm getting bored so I'll end this now

(Y/N): Time Freeze
You say Normally

You walked up bakugou and gave him a good old punched in the face

(Y/N): Ouch gotta hurt considering the armor

You then walked upstairs to the area of the bomb or weapon

(Y/N): And Touch
Time Unfreeze

And everyone saw you touching the bomb

Even Ochaco who was struggling against Ilda

(Y/N): Hi

You said a waving to a camera at the corner that you just noticed

You pulled out a notebook that reads the things you know about your Quirk
1. When you use your Quirk it appears to others that i'm just really fast but to me everything stops Moving

2. When I use my Quirk my left eye becomes a clock and I Only have a time limit of 5 minutes to stop time

3. Everytime I use my Quirk everything becomes lighter

4. Finally When I use my Quirk If I go over 5 Minutes Pices of my body starts to erase its self starting from my right hand

(Y/N): Now to add something new

5. Being able to make things appear from diffrent times

(Sly_Dragon's Request)

You then noticed that people aren't looking at you because you are touching the weapon its because of what your wearing

You took a step forward to see Bakugou's reaction

But then you passed out

You were woken by a TV talking about cosmic portals or some crap on the news

(Y/N): Where am I

???: Your In my office you passed out due to damage taken in your chest area and also you over heated in that armour

You jumped up to see the same short lady who helped midoriya when he first broke his arm

(Y/N): Okay but am I free to go or do I need to stay some more

???: oh you can go you're perfectly fine it's just at the moment you were suffering from those things I mentioned earlier

(Y/N): Great

You say while Jumping up

(Y/N): Thanks for everything but I should get going now

You say as you leave her Office

You took a look outside I noticed it was dark out

(Y/N): Well I should call my Mom first tell her what happened

After you got done telling your mom about what happened she finally called off the 50 different police station she called

(Y/N): She cares way too much sometimes

And you say to yourself as you started to walk home.

Well Again sorry for the cringe I try to
Write more often but I keep spending my sleep time but it's okay I have 0 regrets thanks to you guys anyway


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