Different Reasons

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"Hey, B!" I turn in the hallway, looking for the deep voice, that shouted out my nickname.

At first all I see is the crowded hallways, clustered into small groups as they talk with their friends.

But then I see the tousled dark hair of my crush.

My heartbeat picks up speed in my chest, banging against my ribs like a drum. I tilt my head up, the universal sign for 'what's up'. I don't care what's up. He could have called out to me, just to say the word unicorn and I would be happy because he spoke to me.

I need to get a grip.

"I heard your dating that new girl. Wasted no time huh?" He laughs and for a moment I am dazed.

The sound is so beautiful and hypnotizing. I didn't even realize I was laughing along with him.

Wait, Did I respond? Crap, I can't remember.

"I guess" My hand reaches up and rubs the back of my neck. Of all the things I want to talk to him about, my technical girlfriend isn't one of them.

Literally, I want to talk about anything else.

How was your weekend Miles?

Did you break up with Bridget because you realized that you have a crush on me?

But I say none of that because I can't seem over eager. Crushes are the ultimate contradiction. They come so easily but are so freaking hard. Everything that is said is practically scrutinized under a microscope.

Every movement he makes, every glance my way, I wonder is he doing it on purpose? Is he trying to tell me something? As if love wasn't hard enough, The Goddess of love must have said, 'let's add self doubt and false hope to the mix'.

I hope you're getting a good laugh of this!

"Are you taking her to the carnival this weekend?" He leans against the lockers, crossing his arms across his lean chest.

How does he always manage to look so good, even when he is just standing there? He even makes the chipped, pale blue lockers look better.

I never stood a chance against him or this crush. Who could stand a chance against Miles Armstrong? Cupid doomed me from the start.

"There's a carnival this weekend?" Lucy appeared out of nowhere, walking towards me with more confidence than I have seen from her.

Her hand slips into mine effortlessly. It just seemed so natural to her. It's weird, I kind of expected it to feel unpleasant, but it doesn't. I don't know what the big deal is, it's just holding hands.

I mean, her hand is cool against mine. No sparks or tingles and no warmth. Seriously though, why are her hands so cold?

I wonder what Miles' hand would feel like against mine. Would it fit snugly with my own?

Would it give me the tingles and warmth that is missing from Lucy's hand?

"Yeah it's a North Vale charity thing. Most the proceeds go to the children's hospital. But other organizations set up little booths to raise money for themselves" Miles explains, shooting her a heart melting smile.

He has great teeth. Is it weird that I am looking at his teeth? Stop looking at his mouth Brandon!

He just looks so kissable, it should be a sin.

"That sounds fun" she chirps before turning to look at me "I'd love to go".

Her wide eyes look up to me and I before I know what I'm doing, my head is bobbing up and down in agreeance.

Okay, so asking Lucy to be my girlfriend wasn't my most thought out plan. It seemed so good at the time, but I didn't give much thought into what came next.

And now, I am pretty sure that I, Brandon Schafer, have a date with my girlfriend. Wow, that feels really weird to say.

"Cool. Bridget and I are going to, so maybe we can meet up at some point?" And there goes my heart again, taking off at light speed.

"Yeah, that'd be cool." Somehow, thru the grace of whoever is watching over me right now, I sounded calm.

But inside, I am anything but. Miles wants to meet up with us at the carnival. OH MY GOD! This is not a drill, I'm not sure I'm breathing.

Someone calls Miles' name from down the hall and for some reason, we all look towards who called. I'm sure that I am the only one shooting tiny daggers at him for pulling Miles away from me though.

"I'll catch you guys later." He slaps my hand in high five before giving a slight wave and jogging away.

He looks so good when he runs.

"So you really want to go, Brandon?" My eyes snap from where Miles went, to Lucy who is still holding my hand.

I can tell she really wants to go. It is written all over her face and her wide brown eyes can't hide the truth even if she wanted them to.

At first, I was kind of against the idea. The charity carnival had became more of a couples thing and for obvious reasons, I dind't really go unless I had to. Now that Miles is going and wants to meet up, it's more appealing.

"Yeah, for sure." I can't hide the smile that threatens to grace my lips.

The sound of the bell, echos through the hallways. The kids that were around us, begin to disperse and push us closer together.

Lucy gives a light squeal before standing on her tip toes and kissing my cheek.

"I can't wait" she pulls her hand from mine, before walking to her class.

Me too, but for an entirely different reason.

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It's a little rough and unedited. But I hope you like it.

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