Finnick~New Years

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"This has been the worst year of my life." I state.

"Hey!" Finnick acts offended.

"And the best year of my life." I grin down at Finnick, his head rests on my stomach.

It's late, we're hours away from the new year. We're just laying in bed waiting for the new year.

"This year I had to go into the Hunger Games. I had to kill people. I had to fight for my life. This year I met Finnick Odair. My mentor. My boyfriend to be. This has been the worst year. This has been the best year." I say.

"I know what you went through and it'll get easier." He kisses the top of my hand. "I'll try to help you as best I can."

"You already have so much." I smile at him, "Without you, I wouldn't even be here."

I run my hand through his hair and he moans at the feeling. I laugh, he always wants his hair to be played with and touched.

"I love you." He looks up to make eye contact.

My hands stop and I look at him.

He looks nervous awaiting my reply. His eyebrows raise but I just smile.

"I love you too Finn." I lean down and place my lips on his.

"Thank god. For a second there I didn't think you would say it back! What an awful start to the new year that would've been!" He laughs.

I shove his shoulder and shake my head.

"Hey! Two minutes!" Finnick shouts once he noticed the clock.

He rolls forward and stands up next to the bed. He grabs my hands and pulls me up too.

"Put on some clothes." He throws my the first things that he finds that I can wear.

"What're you doing?" I ask.

"I want a New Years kiss!" He insists.

I roll my eyes.

"We have to get up and dressed for that?" I question.

"Yes! Just wait and see." He pulls my hand and we leave our penthouse and go to the stairwell. Finnick takes the stairs two at a time and I really have to rush to keep up with him. We go up a few flights of stairs until we're at the roof.

Finnick runs into the middle of the roof and reaches of his hand for me to come and meet him.

"What're we doing up here?" I ask looking around.

"Just wait! It'll be worth it I promise."

I don't have to wait long because almost as soon as Finnick is done talking fireworks explode around the city. Finnick wraps his hand around the back of my neck and pulls me in. We kiss passionately for a few seconds before I pull away.

"Happy New Year!" He cheers.

"Happy New Year!" I reply, I wrap my arms around his neck and pull him in for another kiss.

Once we pull away I look out to the fireworks that continue.

"You know, I hate the Capitol but this is beautiful." I say.

Finnick rests his arm around my waist.

"I know." He kisses the top of my head.

We stand there until the fireworks stop.

"Wha an amazing way to start the year." I grin.

"I love you."

"I love you too."

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sorry it's kinda short but i hope everyone has an amazing new years! here's to a better 2018!! #fuck2017

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