Dare to move...Death to smooth

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Anika's POV

 I dreampt of the day when it was winter and my brother and i where having our snowball fight.I smacked him in the face with a snow ball and we both picked up snowballs in our paws right when dad walked out of the house because we don't have doors.We both chucked our snowballs at him and hit him right in the face and me and my brother burst out in fits of laughter. Dad whiped the snow off his snout with his paw and he ran over to one of the snow mounds and we all made snowballs ready to aim for eachoither.

Then mom walked out and our snowballs went flying to her.Mine hit her snout and face.My brother's hit her side and dads hit foot.All 3 of us burst out laughing as she shook it off her and whiped her face. She smiled and ran over to dads snow mound and burst through it making it explode into dads face and body. He fell backwards.Then mom plowed Jared's down and he did a backflip and then she turned to me last and plowed mine but i jumped out of the way flying over to dad. We all burst out laughing and heading inside. I jumped up on to a stool and momused her paws and set steaming hot tea water in front of us. We all smiled and drank it

.    I woke up in blood all of the dream i had had dissapered and I woke up. I stood and looked down at my dead twin brother. Tears flowed in a river down my face as I used my snout to pick up his body and lift it onto my back. I carried him to mine and his lake. I used my claws and dug a hole in the dirt. I dropped his limp lifeless body into the hole.I walked to a flow batch and picked his favorite flower with my mouth and walked back to the hole.

I set the flowers neatly in the hole leaning into it.I used my snout to fill the hole of the dirt behind it. I put the flowers seeds all over the grave and buried them. I splashed water to the hole because it was close to the river to water the plants. Tears streamed down my face onto the grave as I leaned over it.I used one claw and wrote -Here lies Jared Stone- Onto a stone and i buried it half into the ground soo you could see the writing. I stopped crying and whiped my eye's. I tryed to speak and found my voice gone....my voice died with him.

I Stood and walked into the river and carefully yet throughly washed my blood soaked fur. I cleaned my dirt covered snout and wiped any sign of blood off my body. I vowed to never reaturn to this place of disspare and death and with that I walked away.

8 Years Later (She's 14 Now and they age like humans like i said soo 14 is still very young)

Anika's POV

I was about twice the size as i used to be.I got skinner and I was still small.My calws where sharper and my teeth were longer and sharp as knives.I leapt over a  tree branch. I ran into a tree head first causing it to break into two huge peices.I plowed through it soo i didnt stop running.I plowed through another tree and it burst in 2.

I leapt over another branch and stopped dead in my tracks. I senced more wolves an entire pack.87 wolves I smelt.They smealt familiar to me but i just shook off the thought and bolted.I knew they senced me now because they where chasing me. I knew i didn't stand a chance agenst that many but i stopped and turned around ready to face them.

They appered alpha first. The alpha was pure black with a faded blue on his side. I just stood there my teeth in plain sight. The alpha tilted his head cunfused."Why no growl little puppy too scared" He fake pouted. I just rolled my eyes and looked him in the eye. One of his eyes had a clear as day red scratch across it.He saw me looking. "A rouge got me.....Lucky little bastard." He snarled.

Joesph's POV

I stood next to my dad watching the rouge in front of me.She did'nt make a sound. My dad shook his head to clear his mind. "Anyway back on topic." My dad said. My dad (The alpha is his dad) looked at me tilted his head and tilted forward.Motioning me to go get her. She didn't spare me a glance and kept her eye's trained on my dad. I took one step tward's her and her head snapped my way soo fast if it where me i found have a wicked whiplash but she seemed unaffected. I stopped a moment and continued walking and with every step I made she became more aware of my intentions.

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