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               Later That day..


"We in Miami bitchesssss!!" Me and Esha screamed into my phone.

"Pull Up" Kentrell walked into the camera a smiled creepily.

I stopped the video and posted it on my insta snap with "In yall hoes bity🤪📸!" As my caption.

We didn't stop at the hotel first we just came straight to south beach.Right now we were somewhere called ocean drive and we stopped at a little bar thing to get drinks.

"Taste this"Kentrell put his cup to my mouth.

"It's nasty" I asked him.

He sucked his teeth "just taste it"

"Ok,dang" I sipped a little bit and that shit was so good.

"Mmm, What this is" I asked him.

"I'm not telling youuuu, hahaaa" he did that stupid ass laugh.

"Bruh,What is ittt" I stomped my feet.

"Red berry cîroc" He Told me.

I nodded my head.

"Somebody take my picture" I said out loud to nobody in particular and everybody walked away like they had something to do.

"You know what fuck yall!" I Yelled.

"Ill take your picture" Kd offered.

I passed my phone to him and posed.

"Here"he handed it back to me.

"Thanks" I liked the picture so I posted it.

"Thanks" I liked the picture so I posted it

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Pretty.NeeNee: get fly,post a pic now that's retaliation💰💛 📸: nbakd2x !

I didn't bother reading the comments I just put my phone in my purse and walked around to where the beach was and that's where everybody was.

I saw a crowd around Kentrell, he took pictures with a few people and he looked irritated but that's what comes with being famous.

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