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"Load Up the choppers like it's December 31st Roll Up And cock it and hit them niggas where it hurts" r.r

                                                December 31st, 2017

"Girl How many times you gone play this song" I exclaimed talking to Esha.

She was playing Judgement by Moneybagg yo over and over The song not even really all that if you ask me.

"This my shittt" she bounced turning it up and starting to rap the lyrics again.

I ignored her and kept looking around for a place to park at this mall.I needed to find me something to wear for news years and for the whole week we were going to be going all around the country.

"Finally" I mumbled when I found a parking spot. I pulled Into the spot, parked,turned the car off and got out.

"Sooo you trying to be dressy or you gone just be casual" Esha asked me doing hand movements.

"Both, But for Miami Imma just go casual" I Told Her.

"Alright" she nodded as we walked into the mall.

"Where you was trying to go" I asked.

"Right here to A'gaci" I pointed as we were about to walk past it.

We walked in and went our separate ways.I saw a grey long sleeve dress and I picked it up.

"NeeNee look" Esha walked up behind me and showed me a Black off the shoulder shirt.

"That's cute" I Said.

"Yea But What bottoms should I wear" She Asked.

"Umm I don't know" I looked around to see if I could spot any bottoms.

"What about this" she pointed to a army fatigue skirt.

"Yeaa That and then those red vans you got" I pictured the outfit in my head.

"Ight, But I gotta see if it look right cuz you know you don't know how to dress" she joked.

"Whatever you'll thank me when you see how cute you look" I waved her off and looked around to see if I wanted to get anything else out of here.

I felt my phone vibrating in my pocket and picked it up seeing it was Kendell Trying To facetime me. I rolled my eyes and answered.

"What you want fool" I looked at the camera.

"Damn thats how you talk to daddy" he looked at me weirdly .

"Ew bye" Esha came behind me and hung up on him causing me to laugh.

"You do mean" I said to her.

"No the fuck he need to be in school talking about he somebody daddy" she scrunched her face up.

I shook my head "you ready"

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