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"So, you're the famous Laura I've heard literally everything about," Lucas' boyfriend, Adrian, gushes, giving a hug to the princess.

"Assumably that's me," she responds, laughing.

"You're even more beautiful than Lucas says!" Adrian exclaims. Laura chuckles. She can see what Lucas loves about him; he's funny and sweet.

"I like him, Lucas. You made a good choice," Laura says, hugging her friend. "Thank you both for coming over."

"Of course, anything for you," Lucas says. "Did you mention something about us needing to leave early?"

"Yeah, Sergio said he was picking me up at five o'clock for some event I don't know about," she says, shrugging. Lucas nods his head as Laura shuts the door.

"Can I get you anything to drink?"

"Water is fine for me," Adrian says. Lucas smiles and winks, giving Laura the signal that he wants water as well.

"Adrian, I hate to be blunt, but you're obviously not Spanish," she says, making the two men laugh.

"I'm Portuguese," he says, smiling at her.

"Ah, see, I don't have any guy friends that aren't Spanish," she says, "except for you now."

"Do you have any girl friends at all?" Lucas asks, sipping on his water.

"Outside my family? No. When I went off to uni, I pretty much lost everyone," she says with a sigh.

"Doesn't that drive you insane? Ya know, not having any girls to talk to?" Adrian asks, and she shrugs.

"Girls are so judgmental, and the drama they bring is unreal," she says, rolling her eyes.

"Well, I'd say your life is pretty full of drama," Lucas says carefully. He doesn't want to offend her, but he wants her to see that everyone goes through shit.

"For the past couple months, I'd say so," Laura says.

"We got your back, Laura."


"So, do you feel like telling me where we're going yet?" Laura asks Sergio.

"We're just going to Miriam's," he says, getting annoyed with his little sister.

"Junior, tell your daddy to stop getting mad at me," she says, tickling her nephew.

"Papa, stop being mean to Lauraaaaaa," he says, giggling. Sergio breaks into a smile as he stares in the mirror at his sister and his son.

"Marco, are you excited to meet your new cousin?" Laura asks the youngest Ramos. He nods his head, and Laura runs her fingers through his blonde hair.

"You're so good with kids," Pilar says, smiling at her sister-in-law. Laura looks at both of the boys before smiling back.

"I can't wait to have some of my own," she says.

"You'll be a great mother, Laur bear," Sergio says, smiling back at her. "You'll be just like mom was."

"Thanks, Sergio. It means a lot," she replies.

"Tía, do you love your man?" Sergio Junior asks, and Laura looks at him with a crooked face.

"Why would you ask that? I have to," she replies. Liar. You truly love him, and not because you're forced to.

"You don't love him?" Sergio asks, and Laura slaps him on the arm. She's not about to tell her siblings that she truly loves him.

"Good, we're here!" Pilar smiles. "Now, you two can stop hitting each other."

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