Chapter Two

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Harry and Rose woke to the sound of their Aunt knocking on the door. "Get up!" she screeched. Harry groaned, still tired, but got up nonetheless. Rose waited for Harry to dress before dressing herself. There was little space in their 'room' under the stairs.

Rose's POV

Harry left first, his pants sagging in weird places, due to Dudley ruining them. Harry got hand-me-downs, while I had some clothes that the Dursleys bought for 1£ in total at the thrift store. Let's just say that they were... colorful. They made me look like a circus freak. Today, for instance, I wore a neon orange shirt with and obnoxious floral pattern, and bell bottoms that had red flowers going up and down the sides.

Harry wasn't lucky, per say, but he was better off than me. Dudley and his friends picked on us both. They found it funny to tell their parents we'd done something wrong, chase us, throw stones at us, and his friends liked to dunk our heads in the toilet. Mine always lasted longer than Harry's, cause I talk back to Dudley more often.

Aunt Petunia's voice broke me out of my thoughts. "Hurry up!" she shouted, and I scrambled out of the closet, running to the kitchen with Harry.

The Dursleys were all sitting at the table, which was filled with gifts. "Go on then, his birthday breakfast better be ready in fifteen minutes!" Uncle Vernon said, his eyes bugging out of his head in annoyance.

Harry and I rushed into the kitchen, turned on the stove, and started on the breakfast we make every year. Dudley's birthday, how could I forget! Naturally, we'd spend the day with a neighbor, letting Dudley and his friends have fun.

"How many presents did I get this year?" I heard Dudley ask his parents, and proceeded to tune him out. This happened every year. Dudley whined about the number of presents he got, and his parents buy him more.

As we handed out plates full of steaming hot breakfast to the Dursleys, I heard Uncle Vernon tell Dudley they were going to the zoo this year. "Where'll we be going?" Harry and I asked at the same time. We tend to do that a lot.

Aunt Petunia looked troubled. "That old lady down the street got sick, the other neighbors are on vacation, and no family of mine wants you." she said, sneering.

"Well, then we'll take them with. But if you two," Uncle Vernon said, glaring at us, "screw anything up on Dudley's special day, I'll lock you in the cupboard for a week!"

Harry and I looked at each other, and nodded enthusiastically. We poured ourselves bowls of off-brand Cheerios, and the Dursleys dug into their pancakes, sausages, eggs, and fruit.


At the zoo, Dudley hardly looked at any of the animals, always looking ahead at others, never appreciating the beautiful creatures.

I made Harry stay with me and look at this really cool snake, as Dudley moved on. Harry tapped at the glass, and asked me what I found so interesting about the snake. "I mean, it's just like the one in the corner, or like the snake we found at Aunt Marge's place. And it's not even moving! It's just laying there," Harry protested, only speaking aloud because Aunt Petunia and Uncle Vernon wouldn't ever let us talk the way only we could.

I shook my head and shushed him. "I think I heard it talk, Harry. It's weird. I'm gonna ask it a question," I said, and Harry nodded for me to go ahead. We tended to ask each other if we could do something. Harry and I were no joined at the hip. We knew each other better than anybody would ever know us.

"So, I'm kinda hoping you can talk. Err, can you? I feel stupid," I said, the last part for Harry's ears alone. The snake lifted up it's head and looked me in the eyes. "Why, yes, child. I can talk. But how can you? You humans have never talked to is before. Except for one, but..." then it trailed off. Harry and I gasped in surprise.

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