ch2. was it really a mistake??

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    You groaned, placing a hand to your head, trying to hold the pounding you felt. You tried to sit up, but you were trapped. Looking down you saw an arm, memories came flooding back. There was a man, and a bar, drinks, jordan. Jordan. Your brain stopped as you started thinking of jordan, your love gone, cheated and gone. You laid your head back down as small tears strolled down your cheeks. You were to worried in your own thoughts to notice the body next to yours moving. A simple word pulled you away from your deep thought.

“Morning” daveed said sitting up, you turned and looked at the male, wiping away your tears. “Daveed??” you said quietly confused.
More memories came back.

(Flash back)
“Such a nice way to treat people”
“Sorry just caught my ex cheating. Im (f/n)(l/n)”
“Daveed diggs”

More memories came flooding back quicker and quicker, images flooding your cranium.
Single, drinks, daveed, more drinks, conversations, more drinks, flirting, car ride, apartment, ex lover, more drinks, food, crying, sleep, dreams, daveed, daveed, daveed, awake, daveed, kisses,
You blushed as you pulled up the blanket to see two naked bodies. You whipped the sheet back down and looked at him wide eyed. “Did we” you asked as you stared at him. “Yeah it was pretty great” he smiled at you.

‘I had sex with my idol????’ you thought to yourself getting up, finding the first thing you saw. His shirt. Grabbing it you slipped it on, the long shirt falling to your mid-thigh. You ignored the man as you walked to the bathroom looking at yourself in the mirror. Makeup half gone, half smeared. Grabbing a rag and wiping the rest off, you walked out of the bathroom, walking back to the bedroom, seeing daveed getting dressed. “Sorry about last night” he said not looking at you. You shook your head, “are you leaving??” you asked him softly. “Yeah, last night was crazy, i probably shouldn't have done what i did” he said looking at you, “no your fine, really”

he just smiled and looked down. “You were to drunk, i took advantage of you”
“i wanted it, i'm not mad” you softly shouted back. “You didn't know what you wanted last night, you didn't even remember this morning until you saw my face” he retorted, also softly shouting. “So you would stay for breakfast if i wasn't drunk last night and fucked you??” your voice getting louder. He nodded a bit. “I wouldn't feel as bad about it” he said softly. “You regret last night??” you asked shocked. He bit his lower lip, realizing his words weren't the best. He stood up. “I didn't mean that” he said walking towards you. Standing your ground you crossed your arms “then what did you mean??” you cleared your throat. “I don't regret last night, in fact i would do it again, it was nice, i just regret fucking a woman that was way to drunk” you just nodded licking the inside of your top lip, eyes shifting to the floor then back to daveed. “You would do it again??” your eye contact softening. “Yes, it was nice, it was good, you were good” he said standing in front of you, looking down, you looking up. “Come on, let me cook you breakfast” you said walking away to the kitchen.

     You made french toast for you both, 5 pieces for him, 2 for you. He ate his quickly, enjoying the sweetness of your cooking, you ate slower than the other; conversations sliding back and forth. “Thank you for bringing me home” you said softly, covering your mouth full of food. He just laughed and nodded. “You're welcome.”

“can i ask what happened after we got back?? I don't remember everything” he nodded. “Well we left the bar, and i got you an uber and came home with you, we got back and your ex j-jayden?? I think his name is-” “jordan” you cut him off, that sad feeling coming back. “I caught him yesterday, he was..” you stopped talking as you looked at the food. Daveed made a small awkward face, not fully knowing what to do. He reached over and rubbed your back. “Another reason for last night, maybe having sex was to fast??” he asked you. “No, to be honest it's some of the best sex i've ever had, at least you know what foreplay is” he just looked at you, trying to laugh. “He doesn't know what foreplay is??” he asked trying not to laugh. “Well he does, but it wasn't for me, normally sex for us was him getting sucked off, then me riding him, then him coming, and me having to go finish myself in the bathroom” he laughed softly, his shoulders bouncing. “Wow, i'm sorry for you” he smiled. “don't be, because last night was a reminder of how good sex can be” he nodded. “So you remember some things from last night??” daveed asked you softly. “You just nodded. “It took me a few minutes, but yes”

Hours past, and you were both sitting on the couch looking through netflix, daveed sat about 6 inches away from you, as he scooted closer , he placed his arm around your shoulder. As he tried to make a small move, someone knocked on the front door. You got up and walked over seeing jordan. He walked in on his own not looking back at you. “Yeah sure, come on in”. jordan ignored you as hell stepped inside, the carpet shifting under his feet. daveed looked over his shoulder as you shut the door. Jordan nodded as he looked at his boxes, then at daveed. “Oh, you're still here”. he clicked his tongue in disapproval, turning on his heel to look at you. “Well you guys had fun” he looked you up and down.

Rolling your eyes you cleaned over and opened the door. “Just get your shit and get out, me and daveed have plans today”

Daveed looked at you with curiosity and wondered shock.

You looked at him, eyes widening as if saying ‘play along’

Daveed nodded and got up walking over to the packed boxes, picking one up as if nothing and handed it to jordan who nearly dropped it from the heavyweight. “Yup, you need to leave because I got big plans for my newly found princess”. Jordans eyebrows raised, along with yours, both staring at the man as if he was crazy.

two hours passed until jordan was gone, forgetting nothing but a swift kick in the ass as you closed door once again, weight of your shoulders. locking the door you walked back to the couch. “Princess??” He asked, sitting next to him, sitting criss-cross applesauce facing him. daveed looked back at you. “Hmm??”
You laughed a bit. “You called me princess”
Daveeds face fell. “Yeah, I just wanted to piss off that asswipe”
You nodded fixing yourself to sit correctly. “Yeah..” Sighing softly. “What I assumed

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