Chapter Two: Hell

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  As we walk down the street, I felt someone hug me behind. I turn around and saw my best friend Rika (Picture above).


"Rika!" She smile at me before looking over at Onii-San.

"You two are always walking together I swear." Onii-San just laugh.

"Well I do have to protect my little sister."

"Onii-San I'm not a kid!" He laugh again and I just kept walking fast.

"Oi! [Name wait up!" Rika started to run after me, but not before giving Onii-San a wave.

Rantaro pov

  I walks into my classroom and sat down. I smile thinking about how cute [Name] Chan is.

"Hey Rantaro, you're in a good mood." Korekiyo appears.

"It nothing really."

"You sure?"

"I'm sure."

"Are you ready for the winter festival?" I almost forgot about the winter festival coming next week. I need to remind myself to tell Mariah Chan that I be bit home late.

"Yeah, I'm ready for it."

[Name] pov

"Hey [Name]!" I look over at Rika who look a little mad.

"Yes Rika?"

"When are you going to tell Rantaro to stop treating you as a kid?"

"He not treating me as a kid, he just care about me."

"Oh really?"

"Yes really." Someone slam hand on my desk and I frown while looking at the person who slam their hand on my desk.

"I didn't know this Ugly girl have a ugly big brother." I glare at Aya, the biggest bully in school.

"What you want?"

"Where is the money I asked for?"

"What money?"

"The money I told you to get."

"I don't have any money...." Before I knew it, She pull on my hair and gave me dirty glare.

"I guess you gonna have to use your body than." She whisper to me before pushing me off my chair. I clutch my fist as she and her friends started to laugh.

"[Name].." Rika helped me up and glare at Aya.

"Don't bully her just because you can't get a guy in your life." Rika grab my hand and took me out of the classroom.

  We got to nurse office and since there was no one there, Rika help me bandage up my bleeding knee.

"Don't listen to them [Name], they are just jealous you became top student." I looked at the clock as time keep on ticking away. I felt my phone buzz and I check to see Onii-San was calling me. I answer it and try my best to act happy.

"Hi Onii-San!"

"Hey [Name], how is everything doing?"

"Doing good....." That was a lie...

"That good! I be home early since Clubs is cancel today."

"Okay Onii-San."

"I love you [Name]."

"I love you too Onii-San, bye." I hanged up and Rika look at me with worry face.

"When are you going to tell Rantaro that you're getting bully....?" I shook my head and got up.

"I'm heading home early." I walked out of nurse office and I see Aya near the locker smirking.

"[Name], come with me." She grab my arm forcefully and drag me to the girl bathroom....

  After getting beaten by her and her friends... They left, leaving me in bloody mess again.... I can't take it anymore... I just can't.... I grab my stuff and ran out of the bathroom... Not caring if anyone see me like this....

To be Continued...
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