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Max tossed and turned with discomfort in his sleeping bag he itched all over and felt like he was going to overheat. A great urge attempted to pull him outside his tent, but his immediate thoughts of that being utterly retarded stopped him. He squirmed his way out of his bag, sitting up and staring at the wall of the tent. He sighed, then stood up. His arm brushed against his side and he felt a prickly presence. I didn't think puberty was supposed to hit this early... He thought, shrugging it off and peeking outside.

The moonlight felt like acid upon his skin, causing him to wince in pain. Pure instinct should have convinced him to retreat back inside, but the pain was endearing. He instead leapt out into the fresh night air, and with a choked back scream he was quickly changed to a different species.

He blinked, and the world was black and white. He played around with the presence of his tail for a moment, and then began trotting around the camp. The feeling was beyond blissful. He sniffed the air, catching a scent of something metallic. He looked around, and traced the scent into the woods. He began following it, through the shrubs and trees. The scent grew stronger and stronger, until his eyes locked on a shape that stood out amongst the flora.

A wolf, similar to him, but larger and brighter. He padded over, and the other wolf looked up at him with surprise and hopelessness. He sniffed the wolf with interest, recognizing it immediately. "David?!" He yelped, stepping backwards. "What the fuck happened?" David pointed his snout towards the trap clamped around his lower leg. "I guess I got myself into a bit of a pickle here, eheh.."

Max huffed with exasperation. "Do you not look where you're fucking going? How could you even fucking manage this?" He mumbled, bending down and sniffing around the clamp, trying to find a way to get it off. "Do you think you could help me out?" David asked, cocking his head. "That's what I'm trying to do, now shut your trap." Max barked, grabbing half of the trap in his jaw and pulling it back with as much force as he could.

The metal sprung apart, and Max tumbled backwards. David pulled his paw out, the lower part of his leg limp. Max came closer to him, sniffing his paw. He sighed, "You're bloody, lets get you cleaned up." He stood, and David leaned against him as they approached the edge of the lake.

David sat down, wrapping his tail around his side. He dipped his paw in the water and waved it around, sighing. "So... I guess you're a werewolf too now. Officially." David said, looking over to Max. "Oh wow really? I wouldn't have guessed. And why the fuck is it so painful? Yaknow, the moonlight and shit." David shrugged a bit, "I guess it's just kind of a way to make us turn." Max nodded and stared into the water at his reflection.

A black wolf, long fur coming from his cheeks. His eyes were a light color, assumably the same as when he was human. He looked over to David, a large wolf. His fur was multi-toned, and his eyes were the same shade as the trees.

David looked over at Max, catching him staring. "Max?" He asked, cocking his head. Max shook his head blinking a few times "Y-yeah?" David looked down at his paws. "I'm sorry about the other day, ya'know, in the woods. I never should've done that... I mean I'm in my 20s I'm supposed to be a guardian to you... I..." He sighed. "I don't know." Max kept his eyes locked on the wolf. "David... If it counts for anything, I liked it."

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