Chapter One: My Onii-San

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"[Name] wake up! It time for school." I shut my eyes tightly as my older brother started to shake me.

"Onii-San give me 5 minutes." I can hear him chuckle before taking the blanket off of me.

"Sorry [Name], but we have to get to school before we are both late."
I sigh in defeat knowing well enough I have to go to school no matter what. I look over at Onii-San who was still there.

"I need to get ready Onii-San."

"Okay, but be downstairs for breakfast when you're ready." I nod and he left as I begin to get ready.

  After getting ready, I headed downstairs where I see Onii-San settling down the plate of eggs and toast. I sat down and begin to eat.

"Someone hungry today." He smile as he sat across from me and started to eats as well.

Me and my older brother are both 2 year apart and we are both really close to each other. He took care of me ever since our parent both left us which is why he is the Ultimate Big Brother and attend Hope Peak Academy. A place where all the special people with high quality talent go to. I go to a normal high school, but it doesn't really matter because I have at least one good friend.

"Onii-San, I'm done." He nod and took the plate from me and set it down on kitchen counter.

"Shall we go [Name]?" I nod and we both left.

Author note: Each chapter might be short because I am writing this story on another app and as I finish each chapter. I will post the chapter here.

  I hope you enjoy this Story.

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