Chapter Twenty-Seven

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Damn you, ever-nagging plot bunnies ... I just can't get this one out of my head. I am focusing on one story, but I wanted to get a foundation on this new one. So, here we go ... This will be similar to Buying Love, Friends with Benefits, Mafia Princess and The One That Got Away, with shorter chapters and weekly updates: I'm planning on keeping the update schedule with this one ... Sunday updates, Wednesday teasers.

So, they're mated. Their bond complete. YAY! Dark creatures are wreaking havoc and attacking humans in plain sight. NO! We're going to hear about their plan next chapter, leading up to the battle against good and evil. Who will prevail?

Chapter Twenty-Seven


A month had passed from our midnight glienne ceremony. Bella and I, while training relentlessly, were happy for the first time in our lives. We had family that loved us and people who supported us. During our training, we focused on our separate powers, but when we combined together? Bella and I were fucking lethal. We protected each other and complimented it each other well. I was power, strength and impulsivity. Bella was calm, calculating and tricky.

While we were training, we had shapeshifters and mages perform reconnaissance on Aro's compound. Alice had discovered it by accident when she was having a vision of our parents.

Not parents ... they were the people who needed trophy children ... Carlisle and Esme Cullen were not our parents.

Aro's compound was a creepy looking castle overlooking the Pacific Ocean, just outside of Forks, on the La Push Reservation. Alice had holes in her visions, especially where the wolves were concerned, but we knew where their center of activity was located. From what Bella told me, Jacob lived in Forks on the reservation before they got married and moved to Seattle. His father, Billy, still lived on the reservation, as far as I knew.

However, with the compound in La Push, and Jake being a police officer, a detective, for the Seattle Police Department, it begged to question, was he still working, gathering intel on our growing contingent of magical creatures? Emmett was at his precinct today, finding out that information.

I was working with Peter and Garrett on my fighting skills, fine-tuning my hand-to-hand combat. I was getting stronger, better, but I was still an attorney at heart, a pencil pusher and a book nerd. I'd rather use my words to fight than my fists, but I don't think Aro would understand if I sued him and creamed him in the United States Courts. He understood brute force, violence and malice. He reveled in death and destruction, thriving in chaos and bloodshed. The finer points of arguing were lost on him.

Damn it.

Falling down onto the soil of the training ground, I sucked down some water and panted heavily. My arms were sore as fuck and I was bruised as all hell. Eleazar came running out, holding my cell phone. "Lord Edward, you have a phone call," he said. "It's Master Emmett."

I took the phone, swiping my finger across the screen and pressing the speaker phone. "Emmett? What's up, man?"

"Oh, not much," he snorted, "except Jacob Black has been fired from his job for domestic abuse, spousal rape and something to do with an abortion."

"If his attacks caused Bella's miscarriage, he aborted their baby and it's a felony," I replied. "What is the police force going to do about it? Obviously, he's fired, but are they pressing charges?"

"Only Bella can press charges," Emmett said. "She was the one who had to deal with the abuse. However, her uncontested divorce, with photos of her battered and bruised body and reports of ... Well, suffice it to say, the Narcotics division is down one detective. No one is upset about it. Jake was a loose cannon to begin with and now he's gone."

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