Call Me Katana

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I open my eyes slowly being momentarily blinded by the radiant sun coming from the window. I drag myself out of bed and make my way to the bathroom, preparing myself for the worst.
After a shower and getting dressed, I decided to hit the gym today.

I grab my duffel bag equip with my gym clothes,
a towel, some weapons, and some water.
"I'm leaving" I yell from down the steps hoping Ray heard me.


Once I get to the R.I house, I go to the locker room and change into my workout clothes. I take a black bandanna and wrap it around my head to keep my hair in place. (Outfit at top)

I decide to start with a stretch. I sit down on a mat and stretch my legs out until I feel flexible enough to fall into a split. I reach for my legs in this position and grab attention from some of the people in the gym. They were young, newbies. So they don't know who I am... yet.

After stretching, I take out my raven black Katana sword. My name is Katana for a reason, I specialize in sword fighting. That's how the orphanage gives names, they find out what your best in and Base your name off of it. I was also found in the middle of a storm, so you get where that comes from.
I start practicing with it allowing the sword to become an extension of my arm with each movement.

After getting bored of the sword, I decide to make my way to the Big red bag. I start throwing punches at it until being satisfied when there was a tear in the middle of the bag.
After a while of punches and kicks, I decide to work on my speed.

I plug in my earphones as I make my way to the treadmill. Blasting Low Life by future into my eardrums. As I get off the machine after an hour of running, I look around and see no one at the gym.
Did I miss something? I shrug it off and make my way to the weights raising the volume of the music.

After 20 minutes, of lifting, I decided I was set for the day. The moment I put down the heavy metals,, I feel myself being pulled by the waist into what felt like a living wall. Wait.... as I look up, I see no one other than, Cole fucking Stone. How the hell did he even make it in here?

"What do you want Stone?" I spit removing myself from his grasp.
"You" he replies with a smirk on his face. I still hate that infamous smirk.
"Sorry, I'm not on the menu" I reply walking away from him.
"I know your not, I already have you in my possession" he says which makes me stop in my tracks.

"What did you just say?" I ask slowly turning around only to see him with a gun pointed at me.
"Awww your so cute to think you can kill me" I snicker. Cole cocks his eyebrow at me, and once I realize he was seriously about to shoot me, I mouth the word 'shit' dodging behind a wall, and tuning towards the exit. The sound of bullets rain in my ear as I dodge as many as possible.

Me focusing on being cautious, ended up in me being too slow, and Cole beating me to the door.
"I told you, I'm in it to win it" he hissed.
"You really want to play this deadly game?" I ask slowly backing away.
"What do you think, Rose?" He asks approaching me with ever step I took. What's up with him not knowing my name?

I quickly turn around not really caring for the gun in his hand. I run into the locker room, opening my locker quickly before reaching for my duffel bag.
I dug inside the bag hearing Coles footsteps coming closer towards me.

Pulling out my caliber and a few knives, I tightly wrap the bandanna around my leg before tucking some of them behind the fabric.

A hear a bullet fly towards me and I move my head slightly looking ahead of me, to see Cole standing on the other side of the room with his gun in his hand.

I could feel a bullet dig into my bicep, but I ignore it, with the adrenaline pumping through me at the moment.

Pushing him into the wall, I place my arm into his neck, forcing him against the wall.
"You know it's a bad idea to go into someone house without calling first" I mumble loud enough for him to hear.

I see him looking down on me with a slight smile forming on his lips. Those lips.... NO stop it Storm.
I unexpectedly slightly bit my lip looking at his face.

Don't show emotion

"If you keeping doing that, I'm going to bite them off" He comments which causes me to release my grip from him.

I look at him, seeing that he is staring at me. I try to hold back a laugh, but it's of no use, I burst out in laughter and Cole soon joins me.
"Now get the fuck out my place" I spit stopping myself from laughing.

"How the hell did you get in anyways?" I ask.
"The door..." he starts with a sarcastic question.
I lightly punch his arm before walking away.
"I won this round Storm" he says as he walks behind me.
"Really, Because if I don't recall, I had YOU on the wall" I remind him.

"Could've killed you any minute Stone" I add before picking up my towel from the bench.
"Regardless of the position I was in, I still won rose" he claimed.
"Why do you keep calling me that?" I ask turning to him.
"Because your apart of Red Ivy" he lies in a duh tone.
But of course I know a lie when I hear one.
"The lies" I recite before walking around him to the locker room.

"Why else would I call you that?" He asks laying his arm on the door frame as I pick up my duffel bag.
I put all my weapons in the bag and fix my messy bun into a neater messy bun.
"Don't know, don't care."
"Just call me Katana" I demand walking up to him.

"Okay.... Rose" He retorts.
I simply roll my eyes and push him out the way of the door.
"Let's go" I order holding the front door open. He slowly walks through the door, and I slap him in the back of his head. "That's for putting a bullet in my arm" I spit brushing past him with my head held high.
He chuckles lightly, following me.

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