When you wear something of them

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Sawada Shin:

You forgot your jacket so stole one of his since you were staying at his place. When he saw it he stared. You turned and acted like him. He just rolled his eyes and ruffled your hair before taking his school jacket and shoes. You pouted that he didn't have a weird reaction so climbed on his back while he was kneeling to put his shoes on. You asked what he found of it. he shrugged saying it's cute on you. Kissed his cheek ebfore leaving to your school.

Uchiyama Haruhiko: 

You were cooking when spilling some stuff on your shirt. Screamed at the warmth. Heard someone run in and fall. You were both laughing and crying at the two situations. He got up and told you to go do some cold water on your burn wound. Went and took a shower. Did pants back on and facepalmed at your stupidity. Yelled you don't have an extra shirt with you. Opened door a bit with hand out waiting for something. Felt hsirt in hand so did it on. It was one of Uchi's shirts. Thanke dhim and he fell again when seeing you in his shirt.

Noda Takeshi:

You were cold when entering the school. Saw Noda on his laptop again so sneakly went behind his back and hugged him saying your cold. He jumped a bit in suprise. He rubbed your arm and did his scarf around your neck. He said you look sexy with it. he smiled before it vanished and his hands swinged side to side yelling 'cute! Cute! I meant cute!'.

Kumai Teruo:

It was weekend and felt lazy. Did shoes off and went to closet. Saw Kuma's clothes on the top shelf so jumped and snatched his red shirt he wears to school a lot. Did it on and flopped on sofa. Waited for Kuma to come back with the pizza. Heard door open and sat up. Did hand sout liek a child. He gave th epizza and then asked if it isn't his shirt. Acted innocent before feeling him hug you saying you should wear it more.

Minami Youichi:

You got bored o went to Minami's closet. He came back and found you in his clothes mimicking him. He sneaked behidn you and hugged you saying your weird. Yelled that it is mean. Both did some dress up from each other's clothes. When Noda and Kuma came to visiti they left fast out of worry.

Yamaguchi Kumiko:

She did the can on the desk and said they will play 'kick the can'. You chuckled at th students reactions. She said to all go change and come outside on track field. You followed ehr and she asked if your not gonna change. Said you didn't bring sport clothes so she got idea and ran off for a moment. Came back with a bag. She pulled out track suits and you asked hwy she has so many but neevr got an answer. Wore one of her suits and waited outside. Felt breeze come and told her nobody will come. She sight saying. 'well... atleast i got to see you wear my clothes..'. both went to go find the students.

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