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Entering the club, Shravan was directed towards a private section of the club where Pushkar's bachelor's party was being held. The private section was not as crowded as the main club but still was packed. He searched for his cousin in the sea of people.

Shravan had returned to India after a span of ten years to attend his cousin's wedding. He knew nothing about his going to be sister in law except that her name was Preeti, she and his brother were high school sweethearts and her grandfather Raghuvar Tiwari was a renowned lawyer in his days and also his father's mentor. He had talked to her once on face time and she seemed pretty welcoming and sweet to him.

Shravan had returned earlier that afternoon and spent the majority of the afternoon and the evening in his room sleeping off his jet lag. Waking up he opened his phone, only to find a message from Pushkar.

You were pretty tired before so didn't wake you up. Reach the below address by eight. We have already left. Don't be late Bhaiya.

He looked to see the  time only to find it was already 8.15


Jumping out of bed he showered and dressed in record speed and was driving towards the club.

He ran into a few familiar faces, a few of Pushkar's college friends, some of his colleagues working at their law firm who directed him to the dance floor. As he made his way towards the dance floor, he spotted not only Pushkar but also the rest of his family and a few close friends along with what he supposed was the bride's family.

Wait a sec.

Was that Pushkar's fiancée?

And there was his Vandy bhabhi!

Shravan eyes narrowed as he took in the various females present there.

Well, wasn't this supposed to be a bachelor's party?

This sure as hell is going to be interesting. Shravan's eyes twinkled with amusement and a cheeky smile graced his lips.

Loud cheers and hoots diverted his attention to the dance floor. His eyes narrowed in on the man on the dance floor. Shravan scrutinized him from top to bottom. He seemed familiar. Shravan racked his memory to associate a name with the face. Finally he recognized him as Aditya, Pushkar's college friend. 

Then his eyes narrowed in on the woman opposite him. She turned in his direction that moment and Shravan felt a small whistle escape his lips. She was beautiful. The black floor length dress she wore was simple yet elegant. It fitted her tall figure perfectly. She had an air of confidence about her and she carried herself with a certain grace that drew Shravan in like a moth attracted to the light.

His eyes took in the scene infront of him and he could describe what was going on as a face off dance.

Shravan chuckled amusedly. This night keeps on getting more and more interesting.

Shravan again focused on the scene in front of him. Aditya sure had a couple of good moves but it didn't take a genius to figure out that the unknown woman was a better dancer and had an upper hand. That was until she twisted her foot and broke her heel.

"Oh poor Sumo. You shouldn't have worn a heel today. No see what happened. You lost and we won....." Pushkar echoed Shravan's sentiments; a wide grin on his face.

"Oh shut up Pushy."

Shravan snorted seeing his brother's expression, his displeasure at the nickname evident.

Shravan watched as the woman shrugged off her heels and cast them aside. Shravan's jaw dropped as she continued dancing barefoot much to his amazement.

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