Hey wierdos. So i have been editing and writing all day. I Hopefully will get this uploaded by tonight. . This may not be a long chappie.. Just a heads up!!! Byyyeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 I just wanted to say this has been but on hold with writers block

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Jordans pov~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~         

I woke up to see trash on the floor and candy/food everywhere. What happened here. I sat up and looked around. Nathan, Alex, and Mia had been scattered alll over the floor. Now I remeber. We came here and then one thing lead to another and we slid down the stairs in laundrey baskets. No wonder my bum hurts. I looked around me for my phone and found it under a pair of socks. Not wierd at all. Note the sarcasim.  I uncolckd my phone only ot have 7 missed calls and 14 messages. Opps!! I go through the calls and one is from my mu. I re-dial her number and wait for her to pick up.

"Hello, Darling, How have you been?" My mum litteraly screams through the phone.

"No need to be so loud mum, I'm fine.." I say letting out a small laugh.

"How is it going love.... We haven't talked in a while" She had a hint of dissapointment in her voice. We are so close and i hate being away from her.

"Well Its Pretty  hard on me.. The little girl, Mia, Her parents passed and i signed papers saying I'd Take her.." It was silent on the other end "Mum? You alive?"

"Oh. Yes sweetie this is just a big step in your life and your still a child yourself."

"Mum I'll be fine. I love you.. Bye"

"Bye Honey" And the phone call ends.

God where did we go wrong.  I stood up and walked to the bathroom. pulled my hair into a ponytail and washed my face. I  walked out of the roo and saw two bodies missing. Alex and Mia..... UGGGHHHH.

I opened the door and came face to face with..........

Marcus POV

I've been pacing around waiting for Natalie to get here. I had a plan. I was gonna go up to this Nathan kids house, then take Mia.. Natalie will nrse her and jordan will come back for her. What happened to ur assingments. then it hit me. The camera's. NOOOOO.. They saw everything the fights, the screaming the crying, the hitting......who cares i came here to be with jordan.

I was about to walk up the steps whenn i saw Mia.. I put her in the car and walked up the door. I was about to knock when the door opened. It was Jordan.

"If you want your kid back you'll come back" I ran off to the car saw her look at it and clutch her fist. A boy ran up to the door as i was pulling off. Ha..

I pulled into the drive way and Mia was screaming at the top of her lungs. I picked her up and walked through the door.of course not without a strugle. i sat her on the floor and locked the door. Nat made sure it was all child proof. i walked away from her and it was time to do more planing.

So i have a good idea for the next and nobody.. well almost nobody dies in it. im sorry it took so long its just there alot going on and i have writers block. I WUV YOU!!!<3 BAAAIIIII

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