Week 19 (12/17- 12/23)

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I've had Flicka for several months now and that has given me the opportunity to get to know her quite well. Her personality, bad habits, and general behavior have become familiar to me. Like she squeals when she is excited and galloping around. Or that she wants to stick her foot in the water trough. Both her bad habits and good habits have been interesting to find out.

I love the fact that she is a quick learner. She picks up on everything so quickly and is able to retain that information in our next session. She also is able to sit for awhile without being worked and come back into it with no problems.

However there are two sides to every coin and she has got some bad habits. For example she's mouthy (like all young horses). She will bite wood and wants to get a treat if you have it. We work on her treat manners a lot but this is a harder concept for her. She also is a bit of a bully especially with my Shetland. She will chase her around and doesn't let her share hay. Another annoying habit she has is sticking her foot in water troughs. I'm not sure why that is so enjoyable but it is.

Overall she is a wonderful horse with lots of personality. Every horse has good and bad things about them and I have enjoyed learning more about her and seeing all her habits.

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