Chapter one

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As I walk into school( ignoring everyone whispering rotten untrue rumors about me and most of them throwing paper balls at me and laughing at me) I felt tears falling from my eyes uncontrollably, as they do every day. Why is my life such a mess? I need to get my life together. I bumped into a figure. A male figure. I stay looking down and said, "mianhae"(sorry in Korean). He carried on walking. The bell for class rung. I cursed under my breath "shit". I knew that I was going to be late and most probably gain detention. With that, I rushed to the class as quickly as I could. As I made it, the teacher said to me "why should you be late Y/N," I then replied with a soft "mianhae" before walking to my seat at the back right corner of the classroom. The teacher announced "There is a new student joining us today, his name is Taehyung. You all should be nice to him. Taehyung sit next to Y/N," I thought to myself "oh well another person to sit with in the back row. I'm not alone anymore. I was just waiting for him to ask me if the rumors were true. He doesn't, instead, he says "hello I'm Taehyung, nice to meet you," I looked at him and surprisingly, he is good looking. I replied with an almost inaudible "hey I'm Y/N," This is the first time I've spoken to someone, without them assuming some rumor about me. I don't know why but, when I speak to him and when I look at him, I get this tingly feeling inside me and my heart beats faster. What is this emotion? I have never felt it before. I think this emotion is happiness; I am not sure. The only emotion that I've ever felt was sadness and yes that's it.

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