XIII : Granite

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And if you wanna go to heaven you should fuck me tonight.


Ps. A bit dramatic for the plot, sorry, love scenes is not yet to come.

As i was blown away by everything that was happening, he sighed then called one of his guards.

"Get the debtor to the room safely."

"Safely?" His guard asked.

"Yes. Safely. And make it quiet, I don't want to freak out the customers."

He turned to look at me who was still very confused.

"Why is my brother one of your debtors...?"

"it's quite a long story."

"I need to know why he was beating up... by you."

My voice was low, i lost a piece of trust in him, he knew i'd be like that so he nodded.

"He faked his ID card, got into Vegas illegally, lost his bets in my casino and refused to pay."

"So you beat him up?"

He looked at me still.

"Are you always beating up people...?" For once, i tried not to let the sparks of fear in my eyes shine its light, but i'm bad at this, i get frightened easily.

He calmly replied, tried his hardest for me to know that he can be trust. "...I've hurt people."


   "I've hurt them just enough. Intentionally. Unintentionally. You need to understand i had reasons."

   "It's still wrong, you don't hurt people, you don't order your guys to just... punch them."

   "The truth is i do."

   "My brother is just a boy."

   He stood up, I flinched. "I didn't know he was your brother."

   He offered me his hand, I hesitated to take it, but he took it anyway. He then put those hand on my waist, walking me out of the cafeteria.

   "That boy caused me so much trouble for a while, that it surprised me how it's such a small world to know he is your brother."

   "Like what, sir?"

   "Debts at first. I've been chasing him down this town, offered him a job, to be one of my people, he ended up stole a money from my safe and disappeared."

   "That sounds like him..." I sighed, damn, did my brother really tried to mess with such a person?

   "I'm sorry for beating him up, forgive me?" He asked me, he was more serious to hear my response than I expected.

   "Of course..." Though the time that Harrison warned me to be careful around Parker flashed in my head, I couldn't resist admitting that Peter is the most trustworthy person for me right now.

   "If only i had care about his surname, i wouldn't hurt him, you know i won't hurt you."

   "It's nobody's fault, it was just...

   He took me to the room with graphite door, we opened it up. Jason was there on the chair, tried to wipe away his own blood.

   "...(Y/n)?" He got confused seeing me, then even more when he realized i was with his worst enemy.

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