Falling In Love

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Whenever I look up to the sky,

The stars remind me,

The way your eyes twinkled,

After knowing that you and I became we.

Whenever I admire the sun,

It always leaves me mesmerized.

Just like your face on our first date,

Like you'd won a prize!

Whenever my eyes behold the clouds,

The shape of them takes me to that day...

When we were watching the reflections of clouds,

And you proposed me on the bay!

Whenever my gaze fall upon the trees,

I reach in my memories...

To the day when you pull me to one,

And we sat there enjoying the cool breeze.

Whenever I dance in the rain,

I feel your hands holding my waist!

And then I dance losing myself in you,

Dreaming of your embrace.

Whenever I observe the orange light of evening,

Falling upon everything under it,

I confess that I lied that day,

But it did intensify your beauty! I admit.

Whenever I make the list of things like these,

It always seems brand new.

Tell me how could I keep myself,

From once again falling in love with you!

Hola everyone! How you doin? *Joey's smirk*

Another poem on love I know *sighs*

But I can't get enough of it as being a Pisces I'm in love with love *sticks tongue out*

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