11. Fake

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❝ fake ❞

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❝ fake ❞

A week had already passed, nothing new but only fights in small things. Both of them stayed in their respective rooms except for the times they were hungry. They meet in the kitchen and there they start fighting in every small thing.

How badly they wanted to go back to their work but they were on so-called leave from work to enjoy a newly wedded life. Jihae had no option but to sleep, all day and same goes for Jungkook.

The only difference was, she had to spend sleepless nights, staring at the ceiling or on her phone because of sleeping at daytime, but Jungkook would blast a loud music in his room every night.

Today they came to a party thrown by one of the clients of Jeon Enterprises because Mr. and Mrs. Jeon couldn't attend due to their busy schedule.

"Let's start with the newly wedded couple," one of the lady on the table spoke. Those people wanted to know about how their love life started.

People are more concerned about others life than their own.

She wanted to tell them that there was no such thing called love in their relationship, but she had no option but to stay silent.

Jungkook was thinking for an imaginary story, but the only thing that came to his mind was how he fell in love with Miran and how their love life started.

"Someone is smiling while thinking about something," one of them spoke, making everyone laugh.

That was when Jungkook realized that he was smiling like an idiot while thinking about Miran, and Jihae was fully aware of it.

"Ahem." Jungkook cleared his throat before speaking. "So we used to go to the same school but we lost contact after we graduated middle school and we met a month ago when we were fixed in an arranged marriage," Jungkook didn't get to make any story, so he told the truth.

"Was it really an arranged marriage? You two seem like you are in love with each other," a guy said.

People are blind these days.

"Even though it was arranged we are in with love each other." This time Jungkook lied, making everyone cheer and clap for a stupid reason.

Annoying much. They were cheering and clapping just because a husband said that he and his wife were in love with each other. Maybe their case was different, but of course, every husband and wife are in love with each other. Not every because there are always exceptions.

"You guys are so cute." A female at the corner squeezed her husband's arms in excitement.

"I know we are, and many of you even envy us," Jungkook said and wrapped his arms around her waist before pulling her closer.


And they finally left the party alone after making an excuse. The whole drive was silent until they reached their house. Jihae got out of the car and was about to walk away when Jungkook hurriedly got out to stop her.

"It was fake," Jungkook spoke, making her irritated. He was reminding her as if she doesn't know about it.

"I KNOW, I KNOW, I KNOW IT'S FAKE. YOU DON'T HAVE TO REMIND ME EVERY SINGLE TIME," Jihae shouted at him before she harshly opened the door and walked inside.

He just wanted to remind her not to fall for him because his heart belongs to someone else. But after Jihae shouted at him, he asked himself that why was he worried about that girl.

Jihae ran to her room and took a quick shower. She changed her clothes and was about to go to sleep but she noticed an empty water bottle.

So she walked to the kitchen and grabbed a bottle full of water. She left the empty one there before walking upstairs.

And Jungkook was there standing outside his room, leaning against the door. She rolled her eyes and walked past him. He scoffed when he noticed her ignoring his presence. She entered her room and slammed the door on his face when he was about to walk in.

Thank god, it didn't hit his nose. He sighed in relief. He only came to tell her that they wanted to meet his wife.

"JIHAE," he shouted while banging on the door. She placed the water bottle on the table and sighed before she opened the door.

"WHAT?" she shouted back after she opened the door. "I had to tell you something." Jungkook walked into her room without her permission, and she was shocked at what he did next.

Suddenly, he turned her around and slammed the door, pinning her against the door. "I saw that you were enjoying so much earlier," Jungkook spoke with a smirk.

He was only messing with her and she tried to push him but she was weak in front of him. "You shouldn't push your husband like that." He shook his head.

Maybe she was weak but not so week. She kicked him right there and this time she was the one to smirk. Jungkook moaned in pain, grabbing his crotch.

"My dear husband, don't you ever think I'm weak." Jihae somehow felt bad after seeing him in pain.

"Do you have to kick there? What if I won't be able to produce babies?" Jungkook said and his face was already red because of pain.

This human is dangerous.

"I just came to tell you something," he said and she raised her eyebrows. He walked towards the door in pain before speaking.

"Tomorrow you'll meet my hyungs."


Are you excited to meet his hyungs?

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