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"The greatest stories are simple, but well told."

- Tova Dian Dean

• Picture above is Kina •


I don't believe in coincidences.

I for one, believe everything happens for a reason, that nothing is done without strategic planning from fate himself. I think that might be the reason why I fall in love so damn hard, every moment is the universe trying to tell me something.

So the day I came to live at Rose MacDymke's house and met the heart throb that is Rylan Summers, I knew it was by no accident. There was something about that smile, that dazzling, contagious smile that could light up a room in the matter of seconds that made my heart swoon.

It was love at first sight. Our eyes connected and I swear, so did our hearts. I knew Rylan felt the same way because how could he not? The boy would find any excuse to talk to me. For example, he was always asking me if I needed his help reaching the top shelf of the cabinets, which I appreciated because it was tiring climbing the counters just to get my pop tarts.

Angelo thought it was hilarious to see me climb my way up every morning for my breakfast so he'd be sure to placed them up there before I woke up.

Yes, I eat pop tarts for breakfast, sue me. I was never one to eat healthy, like, ever. If you put a salad in front of me there is a good chance it'll end up in your lap.

Rylan even told me, and I quote: "You have really nice eyes." And you know what they say, the eyes are the windows to the soul and that's exactly what it felt like when he looked at me, like he was staring into my soul.

I think it was safe to say it was getting pretty serious, so naturally, I started planning our wedding.

It wasn't nothing too extravagant. Just a simple wedding on the beach, with tons of people and a bunch of foreign foods that I've never heard of but sounded cool. We'd come in flying on a parasail and in the background you'd hear Miley Cyrus's Malibu playing. It would be like a Nickolas Sparks movie, you know, except the whole dying thing.

Like I said, a simple wedding, no big deal.

I even went out of my to way to name our children, of course we wouldn't behaving kids anytime soon, (preferably after our epic wedding on the beach) but it was good to be prepared.

But when Rylan and I both turned 15, things changed drastically. The dazzling smile that warmed my heart turned into frowns and scowls and of course, because I was his future wife, I felt personally responsible to cheer him up.

But nothing seemed to work, no matter what I did. In fact, he would just tell me to leave him alone or he couldn't talk about it.

I learned to live with this new version of Rylan because I knew my goofy, sarcastic, and utterly charming baby daddy was still there, underneath this cocky, over confident, bad boy cover. It was like, I knew he was emotionally unavailable right now, but I just figured we'd work through it along the way of him becoming my husband.

But that was before Rylan started bring home different girls every night, his room was never vacant. I would know, my room is right above his, if you catch my drift. I couldn't help but think how disappointed our unborn children (Astrid and Oliver) would be if they saw their dad being such a man whore.

It was then I learned to love Rylan Summers from a distance. There were thing he obviously needed to work through that he felt he couldn't share with me. For awhile the only person Rylan talked to was Axel or other rather scary looking guys from our school, which I didn't understand at all because they were complete opposites. But hey, that was none of my business.

Listen, I don't want you to think i'm crazy or can't catch onto social cues because I can, I just simply ignore them. I know that Rylan and I haven't held a conversation longer than ten minutes in the past month but that's okay. I'm patient and I know what I want and i'm bold enough to go for it. Even if it does leave me looking like a fool sometimes.

Over the years Rylan and I drifted apart completely and I swore I heard my own heart break.

But I, Kina Mcgee, never gave up hope, not even when he constantly flirted and flattered other girls right in front of me. The fact that Rylan became the star player on the baseball team didn't help with the attention with girl either.

I found myself tempted more times than I can count to drag girls from their extensions down the hallway away from my Rylan.

But alas, I never did. I mean I do have some control, Not much, but some.

But recently everything had spiraled out of control and nothing is the way it was before and I can't help but wonder if I still feel the same way about Rylan.

So sit back, grab some popcorn and maybe even tissues and prepare yourself for the roller coaster I call my life.

My life with Rylan Summers.



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