the wolf children : Ame and Yuki chapter seven

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After a little while Mother had relized just how bad the house was. She had to go out and buy some tools. The roof was completely useless when it rained, The floor boards were unstable and could easily allow someone to fall through, and dust was all over the house. These things would have made any normal person give up and move back to the city, but my Mother wanted to give us a chance here.

After what took 6 weeks, Mother was finished with everything

, she relized how much money we had spent. One day she brought us outside and said that we'd have to grow the food we eat to conserve our money. We were very excited for this and looking back i now know we didn't know what we were getting into.

Mother created the rows and we helped her plant the seeds. It looked like we were doing it right. But within the next two weeks they wilted. My mom was confused at first, but then she started to study. She relized that she wouldn't just have to water the crops, but she had to give it ferilizer. But because we'd be spending more money on fertilizer than we'd be saving by growing our own crops in the first place she decided to use the leafs in the forest to make fertilizer. But she thought the neighbors would critizise her for stealing so before she went to the woods she yelled out to the neighbors " Excuse me! May i use the fallen leafs from the forest?!" they thought she was crazy " Why are you asking?" one mumbled " Of course, no one's going to sue you!" one replied. I'll admit, my Mother was a little strange.

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