12. Party

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❝ party ❞

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TODAY Jungkook threw a party for his hyungs. Well, actually they asked for the party as a celebration of his marriage. Jihae sat there alone in the corner while watching them enjoy and her husband was nowhere to be seen.

One of his friends walked to her and sat beside her. He smiled at her which made his eyes disappear into a crescent. "So?" He tried to start a conversation.

Jihae tried to remember his name but badly failed. "What's your name again?" she asked nervously. "Jimin." He laughed nervously.

"JIMINIE!" Someone strangled him from behind. The guy sat down on the other side beside Jihae whose name also she forgot. "Sorry, we couldn't attend your wedding," Taehyung said nervously.

Jungkook introduced her to everyone but she couldn't seem to remember their names. "Why didn't you attend?" Jihae asked only to continue the conversation.

"We went for a vacation and Jungkook didn't go with us because of some important works. And later we found out you were his important work," Taehyung said while smiling cheekily.

She felt weird hearing his words and mentally scoffed since was never important to him. His family business was, for which he married her.

Also, she was surprised because she thought his friends knew about his girl. "Tae, help me." Someone called him for help. Jihae still couldn't remember any of their names except for Jimin since he told her again.

"Wait, hobi hyung." He ran to him.

There was a long silence and Jimin tried breaking the silence. "Where is our Jungkookie?" Jimin asked and she gave him a weird look. "Don't you know about his girl?" she asked while scanning his expression.

Jimin smiled nervously, avoiding her eyes and it was obvious that he already knew about it.

Again, a long awkward silence until he broke it. "When we heard that he got married, we thought he got married to Miran. But later we found out that it wasn't her," Jimin finally spoke after a long hesitation.

Jihae was surprised that Jungkook didn't even feel necessary to tell his friends. "We thought he might have broken up with her but yesterday I found out that it wasn't the case. No one knows about this except for me," Jimin said while hanging his head low.

"I never thought our Jungkook would do this just for his family business."
He sighed.

"I apologize from his behalf. Please don't fall for him, you'll only get hurt at the end." He was still hanging his head low.

Jihae felt bad for him apologizing even if it wasn't his fault at all. "You don't have to apologize, it's not your or his fault. This contract was both sided. And don't worry, I don't fall in love easily," Jihae reassured him.

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