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Mornings were always my enemy, ever since I was a child. I love sleep, and anything having to do with it. So when I get woken up at six in the mornings by my little brothers I'm wasn't the happiest person. The sun wasn't even up when I felt my two youngest twin brother Billy and Elliot shaking me awake with their tiny five year old hands. I flipped around away from them pulling the covers farther up my body. I soon felt bodies on top of mine making me shout.

"Sissy gwet up." I heard Elliot's voice crack next to my ear. His brown hair tickled my face as he squirmed around trying to wake me up.

"Elliot please let me sleep." I spoke my voice coming out raspy. I squinted my eyes open to see Billy cuddling next to me under the sheets with tear stained cheeks as Elliot did. I sat up quickly pulling them into my chest forgetting I was tired. They cried harder as I cuddled them, wiping their tears away just to have new ones replace the old. "Hey shh you're okay. What's wrong?" My voice cracked in the middle of the sentence. I'd never in their five years of living had I seen them cry so hard. I was scared to be honest, if you ever had your tiwn little brothers crying in your lap you would be scared too.

"Garland you're up thank god. Get some clothes on and meet us in the car, I'll take the boys." Steven said rushing into my room and grabbing my brothers and running out without an explanation. I've never seen everyone so shaken up about something like this before. I don't know what's happening but I know it's bad. I can feel it, and I really don't want to know, because I know I'll cry and make it worse for my little brothers.

I jumped up from my bed throwing on some underwear and a bra. I slipped on some baggy sweats i probably stole from Steven and an old Demi Lovato t-shirt I got from one of their concerts I went too. My hands shook as I racked them throw my curly and unattractive hair, and threw it up in a bun. I slipped on my vans and grabbed my phone and rushed down the steep carpetted floors of my house. I could feel my whole body shaking and my breathe become rapid as soon as I jumped into the car and saw all my brothers in the back with tears running down their cheeks.

"Steven what the fuck is going on?" I whispered to my brother and he sped down the road not caring for the speed limit or red lights. He had a one tracked mind and it was taking him to where ever he needed to go and fast. I was scared, scared of getting hurt and scared of the news I was about to recieve.

"It's dad."

"What about dad?" I ask my eyes glued to Steven as he weaved through cars after cars.

"H-he's in the hospital." Steven said looking at me tears streaming down his face. "H-he go h-hit this m-morning on the w-way to work the-they don't know if he gonna m-make it." He stuttered looking back at the road.

I could feel the tears building up in my eyes threatening to pour out. I didn't try to stop them because I couldn't. I knew I had to strong for my brothers but this news was to sad to not cry over. My dad and I were closer than my mom and I. We just clicked easier, having similar interest in so many things. He was my dad, he taught me how to ride a bike and tied my shoes when they came undone. He was there for me when I needed him, and now I'm not so sure he will be there for me anymore.

"Wh-what? This has to be a j-joke." I scream punching the dashboard. I was pissed. My dad is a great person, people who do good things shouldn't have bad things happen to them.

"Garland it's not a joke please calm down we don't want you to have a panic attack." Steven said taking one hand off the wheel and rubbing my back trying to calm down.

I could feel myself starting to hyperventalate I felt as if i could barely breathe. My body shook and everything began to swirl. Everything looked like I was looking through a fuzzy tv screen and nothing made sense. I felt as if i was out of my bdoy. I coudln't process what was goign on. My heart felt like it was beating out of my chest it was beating so hard. I felt myself getting sweaty and sticky and I wanted to rip off my clothes and get cold but it wouldn't help. I felt sick to my stomach like I could throw up any minute. I hadn't had a panic attack in months, but this morning I didn't have time to take my medicine and this news was not making it better.

"Hey, hey Garland look at me." Steven said pulling my face to look at him. I was shaking a ton under his touch and I know he could feel it just by the look he was giving me. "Hey, just breathe. Think of something that makes you happy, and relax okay? the boys and I need you. So you need to stay calm. How about you call Calum. He seems to make you happy." Before I could reach for my phone Steven was on the phone talking to Calum. "Hey Calum!"

"Hey! You texted me? Is everything okay? Where's Garland Rose"' Calum asked as Steven put him on speaker phone.

"She's right next to me. Talk to her please, calm her down. Tell her what makes you happy or something." He says handing me the phone. I put it off of speaker phone setting the phone against my ear.

"You wanna know what makes me happy Garland Rose?" Calum whispers into the phone with a soothing voice. "I'm happy when I talk to you and even when we sit in silence. I'm happy when you hold my hand and even more when you kiss my soft lips. You're the one who makes me the happiest of all, more than anyone in existence." A smile formed on my face when I heard Calum's sweet words. "Garland Rose did you hear me?"

"Yes Calum, I did." I whispered controlling my breathing. Everything began to slow down and become clearer. "You m-make me so h-happy Calum."

"Garland we're here. Come on." Steven said turning off the car. We were parked in the hospital parking lot.

"Calum I'll c-call you later I h-have to g-g-go." I stutter bitting my nails. They were already stubs and now they're just gross and short. It's always been a bad habit of mine when I get stressed and scared.

"I'll be at the hospital in twenty minutes." Calum says before I hang up the phone.

My hands shake as I hand back Stevens phone to him and step out of the car. I head to the back of the car where I pull out Billy and set him on my hip. Connor, Andy, and Greg climb out of the car and Steven has Elliot on his hip.

We all probably look like shit. With tear stained cheeks and pillow creases on our faces we head inside the hospital afraid of what could come next.

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