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HAPPY NEW YEAR 2018, MY MOST FAVOURITE READERS IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD! I love love love each and every one of you SO MUCH!

"So..." Harry begins, looking at the people sitting at the table. We've been sitting here for a few minutes now, attempting to have breakfast like normal people, while we all know we have loads of things to talk about. "Who will start first?" Harry asks.

"You, my boy." his coach immediately says. "When and why the hell did you leave the UK without a single damn note?" he asks him, angrily.

Harry sighs, putting his fork on his plate and looks at me to make sure I'm okay with him telling them everything.

I give him a quick nod.

"Well, I received a letter with a picture." he says and lets out a deep breath. "It said: 'You can't escape the past just like that, Harry Styles.' and on the picture there was Sophie, tied down on the bed in some kind of a dungeon. There was also an address." he explains, leaving out the part about me being naked and mum is immediately on her feet.

"What?! What happened?! You were kidnapped?! That's why you've been gone?!" she's shouting in shock at me and Harry and I slowly nod in response.

Harry gulps before explaining the situation to my mum; it's obvious this isn't the easiest topic for him. "Some of my, um, enemies kidnapped her to get me come to their house and kill me." he says and mum looks like she may faint.

"What?!" she screeches. I bet she thought Harry just looked bad.

"Well, I came there and got her back, and now everything is okay so we can leave it all behind." he quickly finishes it up without any details about murdering people.

I can see mum open her mouth to say something, but Harry quickly adds:"And then she told me that she's pregnant." to change the topic.

"You're pregnant?" his coach immediately jumps in, but I suspect he doesn't want to discuss the kidnapping thing in front of my mother as well.

Me and Harry both nod in reply to his question and he purses his lips. "Oh boy."

"Is that a problem?" my man asks with a certain edge to his voice and the coach glares at him.

"Don't give me that attitude, boy. And yes, it could turn into a slight issue." he answers.

"I don't care about the press, we're keeping the baby one way or another." Harry says with a voice that says he's not to be argued with and the coach lifts his arms up in defence. "Okay, okay."

Everybody quiets down for a few moments and I realize this is my time to speak. "I wanna know what happened to you and dad and how you're planning to tell him about all this." I ask and mum sighs in reply, looking at her new lover.

"I told you about it last night. We lost the connection and I'm not willing to try anymore. I loved your father and I always will, but I won't be ignored. And he knows about Arnold, and what we had back when we were young. He won me from him about twenty years ago, simply because he was more serious and less trouble, and I wanted to settle down. Arnold was in too much trouble, so he had to leave anyway. I would probably go after him if I didn't turn pregnant with you." she explains to us.

Yep, that kind of sounds familiar.

Except I became pregnant with the right person.

"Well, I need to tell you something as well." I slowly say, not really wanting to tell her the news.

She raises her brows in question.

Who knew so much information could be shared during a simple breakfast.

"Me and Harry are kind of moving to London. He has a career there now, along with a fresh start and now that I'm pregnant, it seems like the only logical thing to do." I tell her the news and surprisingly, she only smiles softly in reply.

"I knew that's what you'd do. It's the best thing to do, especially now that I'm moving there as well." she says with a Cheshire cat smile and my eyebrows shoot up in surprise.

"You are what?" I ask her and she giggles.

"I'm not letting him get away again, and it's the best option now that you're moving there as well, isn't it? I'm not living miles and miles away from my partner, my daughter, my grandchild and my son in law." she explains and it takes me a few moments to understand what she's really saying.

"Oh, my god. We'll all live in London." I whisper to myself, rubbing my palm over my tummy.

Harry looks at me with a smile on his face, slowly nodding. "Let's hope Wolfie will like it there."

"Yeah, and that dad won't have a heart attack." I say to myself.

Who'd think so much can change in half a week.


So the jury has decided; there will be a third book! Hope you all will like it! Any title suggestions?

Love, love, love, Trish and may all of you have the best year yet! ❤💖

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