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                       Chapter : 5
               'For the second time'



i bam geunare banditbureul 

The whole crowd inside the bar went silent as soon as they heard Irene singing.

chang gakkai bonaelgeyo
eum saranghandaneun marieyo

All the men in the bar started hooting for her amazing voice.

Irene slowly opened her eyes and looked at Jungkook for few seconds.

na uriye cheot ipmajchumeul tteoollyeo

She felt sad and pathetic witnessing  Jungkook in that condition.

geureom eonjedeun nuneul gamgo 
eum gajang meon goseuro gayo

She felt that her eyes were turning watery, So she quickly closed her eyes and continued with her singing with tears rolling down her cheeks.

She raised both of her hands and held the mic tightly.

nan padoga meomuldeon 
morae wie jeokhin geulsshicheoreom
geudaega meolli 
sarajyeo beoril geot gata 
neul geuriweo geuriweo

yeogi nae maeumsoge 
modeun mareul 

Irene opened her closed eyes. She noticed Jungkook regaining his consciousness back again. 

saranghandaneun marieyo

She kept looking at Jungkook, hoping that he would notice her.

eotteoke naege 
geudaeran haenguni on geolkka
jigeum uri hamkke itdamyeon 
a eolmana joeulkkayo

nan padoga meomuldeon 
morae wie jeokhin geulsshicheoreom
geudaega meolli 

Suddenly she felt something different. Shiver started running down her spine. She blinked her eyes.

And started diverting her eyes everywhere.

sarajyeo beoril geot gata
tto geuriweo deo geuriweo

She felt someone was staring at her.

naye ilgijang ane
modeun mareul 
da kkeonaeeo jul sun eopsjiman
saranghandaneun mal

She then found a person looking at her from far. His appearance looked like the same person who saved her last time.

i bam geunare banditbureul 

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