an explanation concerning my absence.

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I'm so sorry this isn't an update, please don't be upset with me. I haven't abandoned this story or my other stories, i give my word on that because writing is the only constant i have right now that motivates me.

I love writing for TOTW, i love writing Sweet Pea and Nadine, so nobody has to worry if i've abandoned this story because i haven't.

I sit down and force myself to write a few paragraphs here and there but nothing is good enough and, not to go into things because, but my personal life isn't the best at the moment and, on top of that, writer's block has been tormenting me. 

I just only managed to update Exasperating yesterday and it took almost two months, i think, to type up the chapter and it was so difficult. Nothing seems to be coming to me right now and my personal problems aren't helping. 

There are times in my life where writing seems impossible, but i don't stop trying. I hope you can forgive me, be patient and, hopefully, stick around because you all make my day.

I'm not leaving, i just thought you deserved an explanation for my absence, and i didn't want you to think i've been away without reason.

Thanks for reading this if you've taken the time to and i hope to be back as soon as i can. Thanks again! :)

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