just for fun pt. 3

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hello guys, the new year is almost here and i'm so excited for it. as many of you know, i've shifted my writing base to instagram and that's where you'll find all my new poems, updates about my upcoming writings etc. i hope y'all will continue supporting me there just like y'all did on here.

anyway, i've been receiving quite a lot of comments and messages from some of you guys asking me to put up another q&a for you guys to answer like i did previously and so here it is:

• what is your favorite memory from this year (2018)?

• do you have any new year resolutions and if yes, what are they?

• what do you consider as your biggest achievement this year (2018)?

• do you have a secret talent and if yes, what is it?

• if you're granted a wish to live in a fictional place, where would you choose to live?

• what are your top three favorite songs of 2018?

• who are your top three favorite authors on wattpad (if any)?

• if you could keep only five possessions with you for the rest of your life, what would they be?

• who do you admire the most in your life?

• what are you afraid of the most and why?

• how would you describe yourself with three words?

• are you an army? if yes, who's your bias?

• if the world were to end tomorrow, what is that one thing you'll do?

alright guys, do answer those questions and I hope to see some witty, wild answers like in the previous one.

2019 is almost here, so happy new year y'all. have a blessed year.

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