9. Baby

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❝ baby ❞

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❝ baby ❞

EVERY person would the happiest on their wedding day, but her case was different. Jihae didn't even know what was she feeling. Nervous? Scared? Happy? Sad? Confused? She just felt really different.

There was no doubt that she was looking different. She wondered what was the reason behind it. Was it because of her wedding? Or was it because of the makeup that her stepmother put on her face?

Maybe because of the dress which she wore.

And she was waiting for something. A call from her best friend, since forever. She slowly started losing hope of him calling her. How badly she wanted him to be there for her since he was her only friend since elementary school.

She waited more and her phone finally buzzed. It was a video call from Junseo, her best friend. "JIHAE, I MISSED YOU," Junseo shouted as soon as she answered the call and his face popped up on the screen.

"You're late," Jihae said, glaring at him through the screen.

"My class got extended for an hour. It just ended and I called you as soon as I exited the class. I'm sorry," he said as she noticed him walking through the hallways.

"Oh, my Jihae looks gorgeous." He dropped his phone because of him squealing.

The phone screen went black for a moment before his face popped up again. "I want to attend your wedding so badly but I can't. I promise I'll come to meet you soon," he said with a sad face.

No doubt that she also wanted him to attend but also, she was afraid that he would find out about the contract if he attends and surely, her best friend would never let her take some stupid decision.

"Anyways, all the best and don't cry just because I didn't attend," he said, smiling cheekily. "I won't cry, I'm not a baby anymore," she said, rolling my eyes.

"YOU ARE STILL A BABY FOR ME," he shouted but someone hit him on his head. "I'll call you once I reach home," he said and the line disconnected.

And she sighed after the call ended since she wanted to talk more. It had been around three months when she last met him at the airport before he left Korea.

Someone opened the door and she saw a figure through the mirror, it was her father. "Sweetie, they are already here." He entered the room.

His jaws dropped when she turned around. "My daughter is so gorgeous." She buried her face against his chest and held him tightly as a tear fell down her eyes.

The thought of leaving her family, which she considered her father only, brought her to tears. Those precious moments with her father since she was young and those moments where she was happy with her both parents. She would miss them a lot.

Mr. Yoon was also on a verge of crying but he held his tears since he was well aware that if he let even a tear leave his eyes, it would only make her daughter weak.

"Don't cry, sweetie. Your make up is already ruined." He broke the hug and wiped her tears away.

"I want my daughter to look the most gorgeous at her wedding," he said and turned her around, making her face the mirror.

He handed her a blush brush and asked her to apply it and stood there staring at his princess while she nervously applied it. Both of them turned around when they heard footsteps entering the room.

"Honey, Mr. Jeon is looking for you," Mrs. Yoon said and he kissed his daughter on her forehead before leaving her alone with her stepmother.

"You ruined your make up? I want to see you ready when I'll be back after 10 minutes," Mrs. Yoon said angrily before stomping out of the room.

And the time passed so fast that Jihae was already walking down the aisle, linking her arms with her father. Her heart was beating rapidly as all of the eyes were on them.

No wonder her groom was waiting for her with a fake smile plastered on his face. A weird kind of fear crept inside her. Mr. Yoon placed her hand on Jungkook's before leaving her alone there with him and the priest.

The people down there with smiles plastered on their face made her nervous. She knew most of those smiles were fake except for her father's.

The priest started saying some words but Jihae didn't hear anything. Her eyes were on her father who was down there looking at her happily.

If only he knew there was no future of this marriage, there was no love in this relationship and there was no meaning of this marriage for both of them.

Meanwhile, Jungkook's body was present there but his mind was somewhere else. Even it was for once, he wanted to see his girl but he prayed for her to not be in that crowd.

Jungkook got reminded of the phone call they had earlier when Miran promised to meet him before the wedding but she didn't come. He couldn't even fake a smile anymore even though his mother was shooting glares at him.

"Bridegroom. Repeat after me," the priest said and Jungkook did as was he asked. "I, Jeon Jungkook take you Yoon Jihae to be my wife, to have and to hold from this day forward until death do apart us."

When it was her turn, Jihae didn't listen to the priest's words since she was in her own thoughts. Jungkook hit her shoulder, making her snap out of the thoughts and asked her to listen to the priest.

"Can you please repeat it again?" Jungkook asked the priest.

"Repeat after me," the priest said and Jihae repeated after him, "I, Yoon Jihae take you Jeon Jungkook to be my husband, to have and to hold from this day forward until death do apart us." Mr. Yoon was the one who clapped at first.

Both of them were aware of those words having no meaning for them. "You may swap rings," the priest said and Jungkook held her hands and put the ring on her finger followed by me.

"I now pronounce you husband and wife." Everyone started clapping when the priest said those words. "You may now kiss the bride," the priest said and stepped back, leaving them alone on the stage.

Jungkook leaned closer to her and their lips touched. Jihae felt numb, she knew it was fake. Jungkook knew he was kissing another girl but there was only one person in his mind. Please don't be in the crowd, Miran.

Soon, they broke the kiss and looked towards the crowd with a smile plastered in their face. Everyone was happily clapping and cheering.

And there was a wedding reception after the ceremony. Everyone seemed happy except for the bride and groom.

"Take good care of my daughter and treat her like a princess," Mr. Yoon said, patting her head and Mrs. Yoon nodded with a smile, more like a smirk.

"Of course, my son will treat her like a princess, right?" Mrs. Jeon asked.

"Yes, mom. I will." Jungkook said with a smile. "You two will start living in a new house from today." Mr. Jeon handed him the keys.

After bidding goodbyes to their families, they walked out of the hall to the parking lot. Jungkook got into the driver's seat and all he wanted was to get rid of the clothes he was wearing.

Jihae got into the car from the other side and her eyes widened when she saw a female figure in the back seat from the mirror.



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