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"He hurt me, so I hurt him." I said shaking the cuffs off my hands in my room. Katara handed me a towel and moved us into the bathroom.

"It was a bad idea, tomorrow you have to have dinner with him. You don't even know the proper mannerisms and educate." She started the bath and I sighed pushing myself up on the counter.


"So, I know why he is having dinner, anytime you mess up he'll kill on of your people." Katara said leaning against the rim of the tub. "You're not the first person he's had to break." This caught my attention, his little games have no end.

"Teach me then, please." She sighed at me and looked to the ground. Thinking about what to say, I couldn't let innocent people die. I would have to deal with Theo if I wanted my pack to live, I was fine with that price.

"Fine, but you will listen to everything," she looked at me with a stern face. I nodded and proceeded to shed my clothes and bathe myself.

The training wasn't what I would call fun. I had gone to bed after my bath and was adept to a rude awaking, which contained of Katara shining the sun in my face. "Get up, we have to get you dressed, first we will work on walking and posture. Then what to say and not to say. Your responses because you seem to have troubles with that. Then how you eat... which needs a lot of work." As she slightly insulted me she took a long dress out of the closet (See above). "This is your practice dress."

"It's...nice." I commented shoving myself out of bed. "What do you mean my eating needs a lot of work?" I asked taking the dress from her hands.

"Maven, I've seen you eat from the kitchen. It's terrible. Now go put the dress on." She shoved me in the bathroom I gave her a small smile. Sighing I brushed my teeth and pulled the dress on. It had a corset attached so I went to get her help.

I think corsets are made from the depths of hell. They are right and unfitting. But once I told Katara of what I thought of them she pulled mine tighter to shut me up. Then told me I would have to wear them everyday once I was queen.

Katara led me around the castle having me repeat various things which took hours. It was exhausting, the heels she gave me were huge the books stacked on my head hurt. And I could barely breathe from the corset. As punishment for messing up a good whack from her would get me going again. As we worked on posture I stared in awe at her dark skin and then yellow dress she was wearing. God she was beautiful. Her dark chocolate eyes held so much emotion, and her hair was curly in an Afro but pulled back so it was kept out of her ace.

Once we went up the large staircase for the 5th time I was panting. "You're finished. We need to go get you ready."

I looked at her my hair in my face. I was doubled over and me knees were shaking. I slipped off my heels and followed her down the hallways to my room still memorizing as we walked.

She had taken me to the bathroom and pulled various products out. I sat in a chair forever making small talk and she painted my face. Giving me flawless winged eyeliner with highlights that could kill the lord.

She put my hair in little curlers and then led me to the closet and pulled out a beautiful gown with charming shoes to go with it, the heels not as long as the first pair.

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