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Early update, thank you for 4K!! I'm really happy with this story. And I actually write ahead and writing the chapters is getting harder for me. I don't know where I want this to go and I don't want to let you guys down. I'm trying my best to keep it entertaining while also nice. Anyways, love you all, please enjoy!!

"Sit," Theo commanded me, I lowers myself and leaned back into the chair. My deadpan eyes met his and he looked away.

"What's you're full name?"  He asked taking a green file and a pen from the drawer. He flipped it open and I scooted forward to read it. Somehow it was like we were at a table for two, talking over an appetizer. The file was blank but I still leaned in placing my elbows on the table slumping my back.

"Really, You don't know my name?" I asked humored by this.

"Just answer the question." His voice was bold but worn, exhausted even.

"How do you not know my full name?" I teased more, it was fun getting a little rise out of him.


"Is this your type of fuckery? I mean, I get that I'm not in your love life but come on." Theo sighed, I got that he wasn't in the mood to play right now. Deciding Ill calm down I looked at the file again, his hand pressed the pen repeatedly onto the paper softly leaving little black dots on the corner.

"Name?" He tried once again and I chose to comply.

"Maven Noelle Ebbit,"

"Age?" He asked as he scribbled my name as the title.

"19," My birthday had passed recently, August 10th.

"Birthday?" he stopped looking at me now, we went into order of short questions and short answers.

"August 10th,"

"Mother and Fathers name?" I closed my eyes as he asked that, the sound of their necks snapping filled my head. The image of my mothers scared eyes looking into mine and their lim bodies falling to the ground. I clenched my jaw and fought the tears from falling.

"Wilma Lee Corda Ebbit, and Dane Foster Ebbit." I wiped my cheek to get rid of the small tear that fell from my cheek.


"One, Sol Dane Ebbit." Sol was alive, at least I never saw him die. There was the possibility he was still out there.

We went on like this for a while, His questions made me think about my life. He asked about my dreams, my old pack life. I told him everything, I spilled my life to him almost naturally. There were seconds where I sat back and thought who I was dealing with but I some how ignored that feeling.

"As we finish up are there any questions for me?" He finally looked up at me an leaned back in his chair. How can this monster look so casual. I thought for a second, but a list of questions came to mind. I couldn't ask if he killed his wife and his Parents, I couldn't ask how many people he slaughtered. I could ask a few things.

"Full name?"

A smirk filled his face and he looked my face up and down before answering, "Theo Isidor Brewer."

"Isidor?" It was a peculiar name, I have never heard it in my life time before.

"It was my grandfathers." I nodded, thinking for my second question.

"How old are you?" I leaned farther back into my chair, he stood up and almost lost his smile.

"Im around 2000 years. But thats quite young for my family, If I were like you I would be about 25-27." I was shocked to hear this, how can he be so old but look so young.

"What are you?" I asked keying into how he said if he were like me.

"I come from a long line of Alphas, and Gods. Thousands and thousands of years ago some wolves mated with gods making my something great grandmother and grandfather. They had one kid, which was mates with the strongest Alpha in the land. My family continues from that line and My parents had me, now I must continue that line." I looked at him, I couldn't comprehend what he had said. He's part god? That must be what makes him King and his wolf so big. "No more questions?" I shook my head no, I had gotten a lot of information I still needed to process.

"Good then lets talk about this list?" He placed a crumpled piece of paper in front of me, his accusing eyes stared at me. I looked at the list and saw the first sentence, I knew what it said.

1.He'll be some selfish asshole who doesn't understand everyone is people not just the alphas or He'll be overly nice which would be annoying, and concerning. And then I would be a liability to the pack.
2. New pack, do you know how long it took for everyone to like me here? So many years and I don't have time for the shit.
3. He could be overprotective, and abusive,and what can I do about that? It's not like I can over power an Alpha, if I could I would've with my father.
4. I wanna be free, like when I was a child. I want to be alone with the sun and moon. I want to feel the wind in my hair and as it goes by in the trees.

"I made this, So that I would be strong. So I would understand that I don't depend on a mate.I depend on myself. I am strong and I don't want to be controlled I want to be free."

"This was the writing of a foolish school girl, one I hope has long left and been replaced by a young adult who does not think these foolish ways anymore." His voice was stern and controlling. I lowered my head submissively and nodded a yes.

"Use your words young one."

"Yes, she is long gone."


Theo leaned down rummaging around in a drawer before pulling something out. When his red stamp hit my card, I couldn't dare look. But those red letters attacked my eyes; Weak.

"You Motherfucker!" I screamed as I pushed my feet against the ground and the chair sending it flying backwards. Once I had jumped high enough my feet pushed off his desk, smashing the papers underneath.

My hands found their way around their collar and I fell to the ground bringing Theo to the desk. He grunted as the desk dented underneath him. The door opened behind me and I knew the guards had entered. I threw my fist up to punch Theo in the stomach but I was pushed underneath him. I struggled as I tried to kick him and remove his arms from mine.

I wiggled one hand free and used to to my defense scratching it across his face. I heard him hiss then felt the guards grab my hands and pull me up around the desk. My breaths were labored, simulating panting if I were a dog. "I'll kill you," I seethed through clenched teeth.

"Take her to her room," Theo looked at me, his eyes ablaze. I looked at his cheek, there was a deep gash running from his hair line just under his eye on his cheek bone. Blood slowly started to drip from the wound and I had to stop myself from smiling. We stared at each other, both pissed and uncontrollable. I breathed heavily and pieces of my hair hung in front of my face. Our eye contact never faltering, we read each other's minds only to be faced with the same anger and want that we had.

The guards tugged on my hands putting me in handcuffs. The pushed my shoulders out of the door. Katara looked at me then bowed her head and followed behind the guards.

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