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                          Chapter: 4

           'Into the darkness, again.'


Here I am, standing in front of the place I am scared the most.

Since childhood I've been taught to stay away from bad people and bad places but destiny bought me here... again.

'The Dark Town'

Years back, a town like this never existed. Our city was known for it's brotherhood and friendship around the globe, until a misunderstanding took place which eventually drifted and divided the city apart into two towns. No one really knows that the misunderstanding was. It has always been kept as a secret.

This town is not same like other towns. It's different. Here, we get to see things which we will next expect to happen. It's a town of danger, terror and death.

"You sure you want to go inside?", I felt a hand on my shoulder comforting me.

I turned back and smiled,"Don't make me regret Elly. I'll be fine".

'Atleast  I'll try to'

"Ah!! I can't take this anymore", Mark stomped his feet in frustration, "I'll come with you Irene. I can't put you in danger", Mark looked frustrated and tensed for me, but I'll have to do this, for Jungkook and for everyone who cares for him. He saved me, now it's my turn for payback.

"You can't Mark. You need to be with Elly. She is a heart patient. We can't leave her alone here. Stay with her, if any danger comes, I'll call you".

He sighed,"Why are you so stubborn". 

I beamed a smile.

"Born with it", I winked.

I wore my mask and my hoodie. I covered my right hand with bandage and made sure that my hand was fully covered, so that the people of the town won't figure who I really am since I didn't have the tattoo.


"If my mom calls, say that her daughter is asleep. I don't want them to worry".

"Okay", Elly mouthed, and emotionally walked towards me to give me a hug followed by Mark.

"Return safely".


I used the same secret door that we used yesterday to enter the town. It was dark already, but people of the town were still outside their house doing their business. I walked normally around the street searching for Jungkook but sadly he was nowhere to be seen.

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