Fitting Room (Taeyong)

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Taeyong wasn't like other guys.  He loved helping you shop, which wasn't very often.  You were the kind of girl who he dragged to the mall because you were wearing socks that had holes in them.  It's not that you didn't like shopping.  You just didn't have a sense of style.  

"Don't worry, honey.  I'll help you pick out some stuff today," he smiled.  You were relieved.  If anyone had good fashion sense, it was your boyfriend Lee Taeyong.  "Don't worry about anything.  I'll just pick out some stuff, and then you go try them on.  So what do you need?"

"A dress for my poetry event.  Um, there are some rules, though.  Not too revealing.  And it has to be comfortable.  Please?"

"Sure.  That's easy."

You tried on a series of dresses.  The first was red with frills that made you look like some sort of dancer, and you couldn't imagine wearing something so flamboyant to your event even though it was beautiful.  Taeyong handed you another one.  It was green with sequins and see through sleeves that flared out at your wrists.  You stepped out of the room to see Taeyong sitting there on the couch watching something on his phone.

"Hey, um, can you find something a little less loud?  I just need something that doesn't draw too much attention." 

Taeyong smiled but didn't fail to acknowledge your beautiful figure in that dress.  "Fine.  But you have to come out here and show me how each one looks on you.  Honestly, the dress didn't look that great, but once you were in it, it came to life.  I'll get something for you."  

You blushed at his compliment and waited for him to come back, and there he was, standing with his arms full of new dresses for you to try.  "Oh, um, thanks.  I'll be right back."

You slipped into a purple dress, and immediately, you felt pretty.  Maybe it had been Taeyong's compliment?  Or maybe it's because you had never given yourself enough credit.  Whatever the case, you opened the door to show Taeyong, but let out a small shriek when you saw him standing right in front of you.  

Without warning, he pressed his lips on yours and closed the door behind you.  His lips moved beautifully on top of yours as if he were a work of art himself.  You wouldn't doubt it if he was.

"How are you so beautiful without even trying?" Taeyong smiled into the kiss before wrapping an arm around your waist and slowly pushing you up against the wall.  You hadn't kissed Taeyong in such a long time.  Both of you had your own schedules and barely any time to meet.  It felt just like the first time- fireworks exploding and your cheeks so hot they could melt the sun itself.  The look in his eyes penetrated your heart.

"Babe," you near moaned, and he lifted you up, so that he was carrying, your slender legs tangled around his waist

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"Babe," you near moaned, and he lifted you up, so that he was carrying, your slender legs tangled around his waist.

"You like this dress, right?  Let's buy this one and go home.  They won't be able to hear us there," he winked.


A/N:  Haha, so I don't really write smut, but I felt like doing a little something near it for you guys.  Thanks for 2000 reads!  It means the world to see your comments and requests.  

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