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- prologue -

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- prologue -

❝ contract ❞

THE three people were across the table and her parents were on either side for her. Jihae was so bored that she emptied a glass full of water in one shot.

Those elderly people, except one, kept on talking no wonder what, which she simply pretended to listen. Her nails were much more interesting than their talks, so she chose to stare at them instead of getting involved with them.

Arranged marriage, that was what they told her about this meeting. She was arranged to get married to someone.

The guy with whom she was fixed on this arrangement was sitting right opposite to her without speaking a word. Earlier, she was told that his name was Jungkook.

One thing was sure, the mesmerizing charms of her soon to be husband was undeniable. But he had been staring at her since the beginning as if he would kill her any time with those pair of eyes.

"You two should talk with each other alone," the woman across the table said and patted her son in the back, making him shift his gaze towards his mother instead.

And Jihae waited for her stepmother to agree with that woman. "Sweetie, get to know each other," her stepmother said as expected and pushed her, making her stumble a little.

Jungkook was the first one to leave the place while Jihae followed him. They walked to the terrace and stood there without speaking a word.

There was along silence until one of them decided to break it.


"I love someone else." Jungkook cut off her sentence.

Those words made her unable to think for a moment. She let those words process in her head and finally asked in disbelief, "What?"

So she was arranged in a marriage by her parents and the guy with whom she was getting married just said that he loved someone else in their first meeting.

"I thought your mom already told you," Jungkook said, furrowing his eyebrows together. It made him look rude and hot at the same time.

No one told her anything about his love story. She was confused and his words were only making her more and more confused. "This contract marriage is only for a year and we will get divorced after a year," he said with a straight face.

Speechless, no words to speak, lack of words, or whatever you call it, this was exactly what she was experiencing right now.

Her mind was flooded with several questions but she blurted out only one. "Why to marry if we are going to divorce after a year?" she asked him.

"We are the ones to offer and your business is going on a loss, so your parents agreed to be partners with us," he said and simply shrugged his shoulders.

Marriage? Contract? Business? Loss?Partners? Divorce? The organ contained in her skull was a mess with these words right now. "But why this marriage?" Jihae asked again.

"This marriage is a must but only for a year and your mom- I mean stepmom accepted the proposal," he said and looked away while yawning.

Finally, she found the reason why her stepmother was acting so nice to her lately. This was it. But she couldn't believe that her own father also knew about these things.

A phone started buzzing and Jungkook pulled out his phone. He looked at the caller only to have a huge smile on his face.

The smile was so attractive and it attracted her eyes as well. She was staring at his curled up lips when a word which escaped his lips snapped her out of the thoughts.



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