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One could smell the lake once you stepped onto the cool sand of the beachfront. Lake Michigan's air had a crisp, refreshing scent to it. When a breeze picked up, it smelled just as grand as the ocean. "Hey...Where ya goin'?" Bradley Call laughed as he half-walked half-stumbled after the beautiful woman beckoning him forward. Intoxication was blurring everything for the young man as he drunkenly followed after the seductive girl.
His twenty-second birthday bash in Chicago had been a hit. Quite a few people had come to litter the exclusive nightclub to party into the early morning hours. People danced. People got high. Quite a few individuals had so much to drink they could probably not even remember their full names let alone the full name of the young man whose party they were attending.

Still, the night was an overall success in Bradley's opinion, one that would no doubt still be spoken about even months afterwards. Laser lights and an expensive DJ out of L.A had provided heavy entertainment all night long. Bradley's parents had one of the most popular rappers of the century on stage. The party had left no man disappointed with the turn out of the lovely ladies; there were too many easy little things to go around. The majority were more than willing to throw themselves at the good-looking Bradley, the incredibly wealthy birthday boy.

A lot of the party goers stayed until nearly four in the morning. That was when they were either too drunk or high to hold themselves up. They called a cab or stumbled home, but, the pictures taken would all remind them later in the day of the shenanigans they had been up to the night before.

The fantastic party got better than ever for Bradley when the hottie watching him all night had shimmied up to him on the dance floor. The scantily clad blond specifically showed off her body in a tight, form-fitting red dress that displayed her perfect hourglass figure with curves in just the right places. Her hair was long, luscious, and the color of golden corn. Her plump lips were as red as a rose and looked as though she didn't need lipstick to enhance their color. The girl posessed natural beauty. Her  amber-colored orbs were enchanced by a smoky black asemble color to specifically make them pop. She was beautiful and positively alluring.

Not only was she easily the hottest girl Bradley had ever seen, she was also completely willing for anything. The last hour he and the girl had spent fooling around in the back room of the club with the girl doing absoulutely anything and everything to get Bradley turned on. Right as the young man was on the brink of pulling up her tight dress so they could officially seal the deal, the girl seductively purred into his ear that he should follow her.

Of course he then followed her out of the nightclub. Any guy with a brain would have followed the gorgeous beauty the three blocks to the downtown marina. The same thing was said for his friend Jamie as he followed after the girl's friend who was just as gorgeous as she was. The women were both very attractive, and, they wanted to take their clothes off. That was all the drunken young men really cared about in that given moment. Bradley didn't care about not knowing Star's last name. He knew Star was most likely not the girl's first name, either. Bradley was mentally betting the alluring woman and her gorgeous friend had to be from some type of agency that catered exclusively to sex. They were probably a birthday present from one of his wealthy friends.
Star was far too good-looking not to be from such a place.

"Star...Where ya goin...." Bradley called again, stumbling towards the beach of the large lake.

"Um...Should we be here..." said Jamie from behind him. He nervously watched the large waves roll onto the lake front. The girl he was with slowly started slinking her way into the water, a slick smile on her pretty lips.

Lake Michigan was known t get waves up to three-feet high on a windy day. Because of that the waves were roaring much higher than they usually did. The thick water was crashing against the shore before pulling back into the lake. "Why shouldn't we?" Bradley mumbled as Star began pulling her dress off.

Even though Jamie did not seem to have an answer for his friend it was obvious he was worried. His bugged blue eyes watched the waves with a grimace, and it was only then that Bradley recalled that his friend had a fear of drowning. Star began to smile seductively while she began singing once more. Inside the club it was revealed she had the most beautiful voice in all the world. It was a combination of sultry as well as soothing. She had a lovely musical tone that came across as gentle windchimes. As Star and her friend removed their clothes to show they weren't wearing anything beneath their dresses, both young men stared. The removal of the clothes revealed their perfect bodies that had Bradley and Jamie practically twitching to be closer to the beautiful women. Bradley took off in a drunken stumble towards Star, but, Jamie was more reserved. He didn't seem to want to go near the water. As Bradley half-ran half-stumbled over to where the beautiful Star was, she giggled before running off into the water playfully.

Jamie's girl beckoned him closer while humming the same beautiful musical tone that Star had been singing. Bradley didn't bother letting in any thoughts of how dumb of an idea it was to climb into Lake Michigan in late spring. The water was most likely freezing. Even so, he didn't himself caring as he watched Star. Jamie seemed to have the same thoughts as he awkwardly waded into the water. Bradley clumsily undid the buttons of his own expensive, crisp, navy dress shirt before quickly working to remove his belt and pants. He didn't even care about removing his boxers as he ran into the semi warm lake in order to catch the gorgeous naked woman.
"Star; wait up!"

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