Author's Note (Update)

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    Hey, thank you so much if you managed to get through this fanfiction! It's my first time to ever write a fan fiction and was quite an interesting experience. I did incorporate some real Korean places and facts in the book. The culture is interesting if you have the free time to look into it. And of course, for BTS, I made their personalities based on what I've seen the boys express to try and make it a little more realistic for the readers. Sorry if the personalities they have in this book don't satisfy you.

Thank you, also, so much for the views and especially if you decided a chapter was worthy enough for a vote. I love the feedback and comments, and appreciate constructive criticism. I may or may not do a sequal, I don't know yet. But anyways, thanks again for taking your time and reading!

Have a great day.


(p.s. bias is Hobi, but love them all and so should you! *wink)

(p.p.s. OMIGHOD! Over 200 votes?? I love you all so much! Thank you thank you thank you!)

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