Chapter 4: Complicated Hearts and Confessions

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When he had found Li in the snow, blood spilling past his lips and bleeding wounds all over his face Sun swore his heart had almost stopped. Luckily, he did not have any broken ribs. Sun could heal wounds but not internal ones. Yet, here was a man that did not understand he was lucky enough to evade death. Though, he guessed, Li's coat had helped in this regard.

It was the first time in his life that he was happy about a piece of clothing.

"No," Sun stated and turned back to fix the curtain.

He did not like where it laid.

Li's face formed into annoyance and he held back a sigh. He knew Sun was worried but this was too much. Exercise was needed if he wanted strength to return his limbs, his legs in particular. However, it was heartwarming that Sun cared that much.

"I'm perfectly fine. I can even walk without wheezing," stated Li confidently.

Sun immediately turned fully around and stared down at him with a clenched jaw. He was irritated at that moment beyond belief. Li knew why he had said no, didn't he? When he saw Li spitting up blood Sun was so worried and scared. Did the man understand that?

"Where you perfectly fine when there was blood spilling past your lips? " Sun replied tightly, mimicking Li's exact words with heavy sarcasm.

Li's brows furrowed at Sun's tone. That was the past and now was the present. He had survived, thanks to him, but he needed to get out of his damned bed sooner or later. And he wouldn't truly get better if he didn't exercise his legs. Plus, he already considered himself a burden to the man already. He didn't even want to be more so than he was now. Internally, he sighed.

"I understand why you're so adamant about me not leaving this bed, I truly do. I've been in your shoes myself a couple of times. However, to truly get better I need to get some blood pumping to my legs otherwise I'll never get to leave this bed let alone this mountain," Li slowly explained to Sun.

At his explanation, something flashed in his eyes and he bit his lip. Li could see Sun's feelings conflict with each other in his eyes. At the sight that something could worry such a reclusive man profusely unease bloomed in his chest. In his short stay, he had never seen such a worried expression on the man's face.

Sun stared down at Li, torn between telling him or keeping it secret. Li would surely explode in outrage and call him a raging lunatic. That or he would be shocked before being overwhelmed with dread. He himself had been overwhelmed with dread when he had found out he could not leave the mountain. But maybe he would also be understanding about it.

He hoped that was the case. It was hard enough telling him the news and he knew it would also be hard accepting the news. Sun knew what it felt like to be on the receiving end. Staring into Li's eyes Sun's mind went round and round in circles before he finally decided to tell the man. There was no use keeping it from him.

Honestly, it didn't matter what option he picked. Li would probably get angry either way. But at least, he would know about his situation and decide what do from there. Sun sighed as he stopped nibbling on his lip.

"That won't be possible..." Sun started hesitantly.

Li's brows furrowed even further.

"What do you mean?" Li asked, his tone filled with unease.

Sun eyes immediately hardened as he took a deep breath.

"You can't leave the mountain." Sun rushed out quickly.

Silence stretched between them before Li laughed, to the surprise of Sun. Surely, Li did hear him, correct? If he was Li he wouldn't be laughing. Li thought Sun was eccentric to a point, but this was just madness. Not leave the mountain? Impossible! He had almost done so just a day ago with no trouble. Now, he was being told he couldn't leave? How laughable!

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