Chapter 4: Complicated Hearts and Confessions

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As the hazy light of the sun filtered in through the windows of the many circular windows, dust particles danced in the rays and lit up the room dressed in vivid colors of green and gold, the antiques hidden in the corners of the room gleaming and seeming to shine in the darkness of the corners that they were hiding in. In the middle of the room was a large bed draped with heavy silk green threads, an ashen-faced man with annoyance set in his eyes and jaw under the covers as another man adjusted a curtain by the window so the sun did not get in the other man's eyes. Sun considered the bandages on Li's face would prevent the light from blinding him too much but he figured it was still annoying nonetheless. Behind his back, amber eyes peeked out from the bandages all over Li's face with gratitude. The man didn't need to take care of him to this extent. Sun had even stayed up all night to help heal his wounds when he didn't have to.

He was sure that Sun was terribly tired and felt so guilty for it. But despite his attempts to get Sun to sleep the man had stated to him that he was afraid blood would spill from his lips again. After a statement like that Li did not try to persuade Sun to go to sleep. However, today would be different. Li would finally convince Sun to get some rest. And to prove that he was fine. After all, the pain had stopped and he could stand up without wheezing. Propping his body on his elbow slowly, the satin covers crinkled softly as it fell down his bared chest and to his waist. Softly he cleared his throat to gain Sun's attention and Sun turned around.

Sun's body and face were illuminated by a ray of sunshine for a moment, dust particles dancing around him and painting an almost serene picture before his eyes. His violet eyes, so vivid like the colors around him, shone through the hazy sunlight and stared into Li's amber ones. Li was transfixed. His eyes drank in the sight of him and his mouth opened but no words came out, the words he wanted to say scattering into the air like the dust particles dancing around Sun's face.

Sun's face transformed into a questioning expression. Li was staring at him for a couple minutes now and yet had not spoken anything. He knew Li had cleared his throat to gain his attention, to maybe ask something of him but he had yet to find out what it was. Li, after all, had done nothing but stare at him. Sun did not understand why. It was not like his face had changed or anything. Silence continued to stretch between them as Sun decided to wait for a couple minutes. But when nothing had happened he had grown tired of Li's staring. Sun turned fully around.

"Is there anything you want?" Sun asked Li, quite loudly, to wake him up from whatever he was under.

Maybe he had given Li to much numbing medicine? The thought had Sun feeling a bit guilty. He had never been good at handling medicine.

At the loud words of Sun, Li snapped out of his funk and blinked a couple times. The sunlight had shifted somewhere else and could now fully comprehend the confusion in his eyes. Clearing his throat again his cheeks slightly burned in an embarrassment for staring at Sun for so long. Sun must have felt quite awkward under his gaze. How embarrassing.

"A walk around the house would be nice," Li suggested, hopeful.

As much as he was grateful for Sun helping him heal his wounds he felt bored in the confines of the bed. He could never keep his hands or feet still and he itched to get back up on his feet. Sun's face instantly went blank as did his eyes. It was the most impressive poker face Li had ever seen. He did not know if he would say yes or no. For a long moment, Sun simply stared at him thinking.

Li had been a writhing mess of pain and shouts just the night before and now he wants to go out and go for a walk? Sun thought Li was incredibly dumb. Most of the wounds had healed but there would still be a weakness in the limbs. If he caved into Li's suggestion he would most likely find the idiot face first in the snow, struggling to get up again. The sight would most likely give him a burst of panic and he had already had enough of that.

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