This beautiful life.

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This lie that I live, it hides my true form. It blinds me to life and keeps me warm.

You don't want to know or meet the real me. You ignorant Fucks, i've learned to live free.

From this world and all its petty bullshit, don't know why you go on living, you should just quit.

But me, i'm safe, wrapped in my coccoon. Its quiet in here, my personal womb.

And i'll go on living, in my own little world...while you get fucked in the ass like a girl.

You think, I think "Im better then you"? Its true you Fuck, suck my dick till your blue!

Fuck this world, and all you can be. You piece of shit, why can't you see?

All your dreams and hopes, they'll all pass away, and you'll end up loveless, shriveled, and gray.

Cause nothing lasts, not even love. "They" say its a gift from the "gods" up above.

But I know the truth, It comes from below, where the Demon abides on His skeleton throne. 

People don't love, they just lie and cheat, they'll destroy your life with the secrets they keep.

So Fuck it all, I'm all that remains, in this world full of shit and sheep with no brains.

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