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[TRAINEE #20] 

Username: jihyeonah

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Username: jihyeonah

Name: Kim Chaerei / Ashlynn Kim

Stage Name: Rei

Nickname(s): Chae, Rei, Ash, Lynn, Chaeng

Age: 20

DOB: February 17, 1997

Height: 165cm

Weight: 40kg

Bloodtype: AB

Birthplace/Hometown: Busan, South Korea | Toronto, Canada

Nationality: Korean-Canadian


- sarcastic and savage

- lowkey caring and sweet just like a tsundere

- rarely shows emotion in front of people

- tends to overthink a lot

- seems cold hearted but actually soft


- drawing/sketching when bored

- overthinking

- sarcastic/snarky remarks

- biting her nails when extremely nervous


- acoustic songs

- music

- wolves

- anything related to arts

- stars


- foul odors

- abusive peple

- disruptive noises

- sensitive people that can't take a joke


- she was born in Busan, South Korea but had to move to Toronto, Canada as soon as possible due to her

father's job.

- she completed her studies on Canada and moved back to Busan for a vacation.

- this is where Chaerei discovered idols - the first group that she became a huge fan of was f(x) due to their unique music.

- she was aspired to become an idol, thus auditioning to a number of agencies.

- she was accepted on SM but left almost immediately due to their strict and heavily tiring

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