Forty-two | wild

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"I can change your whole wave now you wavy," Aaliyah sang as she walked down the stairs. She was extra bored upstairs by herself, so she went downstairs to see what everyone else was doing. They were all doing their own thing. Elom, Austin and Zion playing video games, Brandon in the studio, and Edwin was out somewhere.

She walked over and took a seat on the couch, behind Elom and Austin who were sitting on the floor. Aaliyah put her hand on Elom's head, playing with his hair. Elom smiled, he loved when she played with his hair. Trips to LA were his favorite, and this was why. He got to spend time with her. He knew that she influenced him in an incredibly positive way. Having her around him made him feel something he couldn't even find words to explain.

Aaliyah felt the same. The small things that Elom did made her feel so appreciated. Randomly grabbing her hand, giving her kisses out of no where, it was so important to her. She liked to go out places with him, but that doesn't all she was focused on. And even though it was summer vacation, staying home was good enough for her.

"You just can't keep your hands off me huh," Elom smirked, laughing after. Aaliyah hit him in the head, laughing with him. "Shut up, feo."

The confused look on his face made Aaliyah laugh harder. She had just called him ugly in Spanish, and he had no idea. Elom paused the game, and turned to her. Austin and Zion groaned. Zion took the controller out of his hands, unpausing the game and playing for him instead.

Elom got up from the floor, jumping onto Aaliyah instead. "Bitch you like a whole foot taller than me, you crushing me and shit," she laughed.

"Tell me what it means," he whined. Getting distracted, Aaliyah stared at him. She had just called him ugly but obviously she was joking. The boy was the most gorgeous human being in her eyes, no exceptions. "Hey I know I'm cute stop checking me out," he told her, waving a hand in front of her face. Aaliyah playfully rolled her eyes, "Maybe I'm just lacking oxygen from you crushing me."

He asked her again, wanting to know.
"I called you ugly," she smiled.

He faked a hurt expression, before hopping off of her. As he did, Edwin walked into the room and we all turned to him. "Hello hoes," he called out, walking over to sit with them. "Love you too bro," Elom told him, slapping his back. "Don't touch me, who knows where your hands been."

"On Aaliyah's as-" Elom started.

"Elom!" Aaliyah laughed, slapping him to stop him from finishing his sentence. Zion couldn't stop laughing. The expression on Edwin's face was priceless. Everyone else was laughing along with him too. "Bro you're wild," Zion added, wiping a tear.

"And y'all wonder why I'm always out," Edwin said, shaking his head. Edwin joined in with the laughter, admitting that his expression was pretty funny.  "Sorry bro booty is nice," Elom shrugged, still laughing. That made everyone laugh even harder.

When he made that comment the other day I actually was rollinggg, it was the funniest thing I had to add it in lmaooo

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